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Keep it going
Does hookah show up as smoking on your pee test?
I am applying for a job and I need to take a pee test will I still pass even though I did hookah about 2 months ago?

If there was weed mixed in with your hookah than yes other wise no

yah, unless u want to shave your head, and they will probbly know somthing is up, because it is still in the cells in your hair and that will affect your pee test

Zary D
InsyaAllah, yes u are.

Was there weed. If yes then you'll fail the test.
Just tabaco your safe.

John C
hello smoke one tonight then go pee its safe

Two months is PLENTY of time. THC normally stays in your system for 30 - 45 days after last use. However, it is stored in your fat so if you are a skinny-minny, you have nothing to worry about. A person weighing 200 pounds would have nothing to worry about.

Your fine, stop worrying! :)

yes, cause weed is usually out of your blood system in 30 days.

It should be out of your system by then, but if they did a hair test then I think that it would be in your hair.

ok im positive that hookah DOES NOT STAY IN UR SYSTEM. theyre looking for drugs and hookah isnt a drug. so ur fine! trust me

Caroline W
2 months ago without consistent use is plenty of time for it to exit the system even if it was weed.

For a once time use of weed, it is out of your system in less than a month.

With no weed in the hookah, you wouldn't have to think twice about it...

but if it makes you sleep better at night, they have little drug tests at pharmacy stores that you can pee in first.

yeah i think it should b out of your system by now anyway

It stays in your system for 30 days.

♫ Melody
I don't think so.
Maybe in a hair sample, but not a pee test.

No. Two months means out of your system. You could pass a hookah test.

Hookah is a water bong used to smoke shisha, unless you added some weed in with the tobacco.. Which will only stay in your body for about 30 days..

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