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Laura H
Does having a fan on while you sleep a bad idea?
My right eye was extremely red one day and I was thinking it might have to do with the fact that I sleep with a fan on each night...

Laura, I sleep with a fan on every night, and have for the last 16 years and I have had no problems with my eyes. Do you blow the fan right on you? I use the fan for the noise so I never have it blow directly on me. Do you wear contacts? Do you have allergies? I think the answer is probably something else other than the fan. Good luck!

um.....I don't think so....I'm not sure what the connection is....

In Jamaica most people sleep with the fan on - otherwise they would sweat buckets and wet up the bedclothes

i don't think it is a bad idea. my friend sleeps with her fan on. it's just the way she gets to sleep. i don't think that your eye had anything to do with the fan. i mean, your eyes are closed at night right? plus, if it only happened once it most likely wasn't the fan.

i dont recommend it

Jennifer K
no u might have an allergy





i do it EVERY night i would not think it matters

Darke Angel
It could just be allergies. Check out your airconditioning filter and remove any dust on your ceiling fans. If you changed detergents, this could also be the cause. Check for any creepy crawlies before you go to bed. It is perfectly safe to sleep with a ceiling fan on.

Fans shouldn't make your eye red. I sleep with one on. Maybe you had something on your pillowcase that you were allergic to like pet hair. try changing your case and see if that helps.

I love to sleep with a ceiling fan or any type of fan on. Maybe your eyes are getting dry and need some type of eye drops. Allergies can cause your eyes to be red also.

Immortal Beloved
I am not certain as to why, but if I ever sleep in a room with a fan it has a terribly adverse affect on my sinuses.

My mother is the same way. I'd love to see anyone's answers as to why this is the case.

Booger R
Yes it can...because it dries up all your orifices. removes the moisture from your eyes and nose and saliva in your mouth as well as mucus in your lungs...meaning you can wake up with dry eyes, stuffed nose, dry mouth and sore throat and a dry cough in your lungs, but was you drink some water after you get it up...it usually doesn't take long to recover!


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