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 I've been on this nicotine replacement program, but i'm stuggling a bit because i smoke cannabis?
I don't want to stop smoking cannabis! thats not the problem. the problem is the nicotine! i smoked 30 cigs a day for over 10 years and i want to stop, but i don't want to quit the weed. ...

 Why Do We Actually Need Sleep?
Care to anwser why our bodies need to slow down for 8 hours a day?...

 Frequently unrinating?
just wondering if anyone can help me.
i have recently been experiencing problems with urinating. i can go up to 10 times a day. when i do go to the toilet i sometimes have a weak flow or if i ...

 How come since I've quit smoking...smoking is haunting me?
Since I quit smoking 3 days ago...

Today: On my way to work I was stuck in traffic and the person in front, next to and behind me were all smoking. Walking into work I had to pass through ...

 Whats a good way to avoid...?
I’m driving from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City due to moving. I tend to fall asleep in a narcoleptic way when I’m tired. I can’t control it. I am bringing the most annoying person in the world ...

 What is MSG? when u buy mrs dash seasoning n its says no msg?
i know its cancerous but do not remember what is ...

 Help! I fell asleep with my contacts in my eyes last night...?
I am not suppose to. They are disposible, but are my eyes going to be ok now? I took them out and put on my glasses, my eyes hurt a little bit. Has anyone had this happen before? Should I be worried ...

 Is it true that most of those diagnosed by their doctor with depression are unhappy with that diagnosis?

 When i move my head i hear a grisly sound does anyone else get this?

 I'm having a Blood Test - Scared. Is it going to hurt ?
Nervous,because i hate Needles.

Not worried about the pain - because i know it won't hurt much.

Just the idea of a needle going into a vein. eek.

very squeamish....

 Any cures for restless leg?

 Why can't I sleep I have work in the morning?

 Good Morning -?
How are you all today?
Additional Details
Sparkles - Be there in 2...

 Dreams,do they have a meaning?
i took very good care of my mother until she passed away in 2000.im 60 yrs old. we got along great. i have nothing but bad dreams of her.in the dreams, she is alway throwing me out and i cant make it ...

 Do you ever assist someone in a wheelchair?
If so PLEASE read this.
My wife is disabled and has to use a wheelchair.
I have seen so many people assisting disabled people in wheelchairs in an unsafe manner that I offer some ...

 Is it safe and effective to undergo a laser treatment for eye .Are there any sideeffects?
laser surgery is undergone in order to rectify any problem in the ...

 With a sports physical can you request not to be weighed?
I'm 14 and I'm overweight but not by much, so I don't want to be weighed because I don't want to be criticized about my ...

 (HELP) Do You Know What this could be???
My boyfriend has come out in this weird rash its all over his face & body. Its been there for about 4 months and just keeps getting bigger and spreading. It started off as a tiny wee burn on his ...

 It's my first time at sleep over camp!! ahh! do u get homesick??

 Smoking is it?
really fun or just ...

Do you sleep with your arms above your head or below?
My girlfriend sleeps with her arms above her head, and to me it looks really uncomfortable, how do you sleep?

I don't really know, I'm always asleep

I sometimes sleep with my arms above my head too, its weirdly reali comfy. If u think that seems uncomfy tho one of my friends sleeps with her knees up!! I dont know how she does it.

mdf routing
dont know im a sleep

I sleep curl up with my hand down by my side first and as I am going into a deep sleep they slide up under my pillow when I am lying on my side.

dalhia s
right side with arms under my cheek and across my chest.

I sleep on mt tummy with my arms above my head.Always have done.

me ..below and my girl sleeps with hers below but the guy that works beside me says his and his wife sleep with it above their heads... crazy if you ask me

I usually sleep with my arms under my pillow, and my head on the pillow. And usually on either me right or left side. Hope this helped!

One above, one below, head on a 90 degree angle, my guy says looks abnormal

my room is always cold cause my bro always forgets to close the freezer in my room. soi always have it under the pillow

no.#1 Mom
I lay flat on my back with my arms above my head. My husband says when I am in a complete sleep my feet are touching each other folded heel to heel. Almost in indian style. By morning I am turned to my side with my arms folded in front. The reason for me starting off above my head is back pain. By sleeping with your arms above you prevent back problems.

Spanglish McWhirter
I like to fall asleep with my arms above my head on the pillow. My arms always undo themselves from this position of course!

On my side or stomach with my arms under my pillow.

side ways with my hand under my head.

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