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Do you sleep with 1 pillow or 2?
my freakin neck! I've slept with 2 pillows for as long as I can remember (teen years +) and randomly, I woke up with a sore sore neck!! <--- I'm talking sore as like: when I look to make lane changes while driving, I'm almost cryin cause the pain =(

I attributed this to odd position while I was sleeping, but to help it heal, I removed one of my pillows (so I only had 1) and it was sooo comfy-ier.

so, it's bed time!! do you sleep with 1 pillow or 2?

2, I can't sleep with just 1.

mmm 2 pillows - the smoothest to hug and small one for head
good night sweet dreams

I sleep with 2, if I don't I wake up out if breath.


Ping R
I sleep with two and a folded thin blanket under them.

I sleep with 2: 1 for my head, 1 to hug.

just 1 and it has to been really thin.

2 pillows. i have the tempurpedic memory foam pillows...

2, i for my head and the other one for my legs

michael c
1 pillow.

I sleep with two one for my head and the other for hug
which comforts my legs and hands.
Pillow for head needs to be kept in the sunshine to warm it..
which comforts me...at the night when I sleep on it..

I sleep with 2

I sleep w/ two..and my stuffed Leopard...lol..you tc/ God Bless you..*hugzU*;)

I have like 5 pillows on my bed.. but usually use 3 of them.

Two pillows for as long as I can remember. I cannot sleep with less than that otherwise my neck and back start aching!

i've always slept with 1, actually i find the position of my neck really uncomfortable if i sleep on 2, now that i dont have the habit...

absoluuuuuuutely 2 pillows. i can't sleep properly with only one. if there is only one pillow available - i'm in trouble!

one pillow is most ideal.

the show show
its varies for me
sometimes its 2 and sometimes 1 and sometimes ill go to sleep then wake up feeling uncompfitable so i change

oh and quite often i sleep with no pillows

hmm maybe my problem is i need a new pillow

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