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Do head lice stay on the scalp?,Are there other types of lice that get on the face and up nostrils and in ears

head lice don't stay on the scalp they stay on the hair!

the lice do not live on the scalp they live at the base of the hair stem. stay calm they do not migrate

Head lice is a nasty thing, If you do get it you need to wash everything you have because it gets on your cloths in your bed and spreads to other peoples heads, and yes it can spread to other parts of your body.

Head lice live by extracting blood from the scalp. They can not jump, or fly. The eggs are referred to a nits.

The old wife's tales surrounding this area should be best ignored.

Head lice, do not discriminate between:
young & old
male & female
rich & poor
clean &dirty
long & short
curly & straight hair.
They love them all!

In order to get them out of your hair [&life] it is recommended that you should, wash your hair every 3 days & use conditioner. After washing & conditioning use a fine tooth comb [nit comb] to remove your little visitors. This should be undertaken for 2 weeks.

Generally though, as a parent I would recommend to keep this routine until your child moves into secondary school, as for some reason the head lice arn't smart enough to make the grade to get into secondary school.

Remember, it's never the child's fault for getting head lice.

its rare that head lice go past beyond your nape or past your eye brows but there is a condition known as skin lice called scabies & usually starts between the finges or toes but is treatable just see the doctor who can write you a prescription nothing OverTheCounter

well, you know, head lice these days are getting tired of living in the same place day in, day out and with economic benefits around they can afford to see new and exotic destinations, some have even traveled in to space, I hear Uranus is nice this time of year!

i havent come across any... or shud i say none have come across me?

From information I've read, there are one other kind that are very similar to look at, they are body lice. they will live and breed anywhere on the body where there is hair.
I read that the head lice are Grey/brown where the body lice are pretty much white/translucent.
Head lice however live only on the scalp. They do not go on your face, up nostrils or ears. They stay in the hair where they are secure and have no need in any way to leave.
My advice is if you or someone you know has either you should seek help from a pharmacist in the proper procedure to get rid of them.

Dark soul
i think 1 day another type may come up ur face and nostrils

No they stay only on the head

Osama Bin Ladin, the louse, has really got up my nose

What a lousy question.

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