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Catheter leg bags?
i currently fix my leg bag in place with elasticated straps but am finding that these rub the back of my knee i have tryed the sock type holders but these slide down the leg any ideas

buy a bike

mini the prophet of fubar
try suspenders on the sock bag and/or putting some material between the elastic and your skin

put it a bit further up ur thigh and empty it regularly so it doesnt get heavy and slip down to the back of your knees

well, after a while the back of your knee area will get used to it, sort of toughened to it if you know what i mean
they also make straps that are more like cloth-covered with velcro, those might help
good luck!

I am a carer of the elderly. If the straps that come with your catheter bags are no good or chaf , then try what I do with one of my chaps, (he used to get quite sore) & use medical tape. This keeps the tube & bag in a static position. You should be able to get it on presciption (if in the UK) and explain what you need it for. Best of luck sunshine

Bob The Builder
Nice question.

Hello I'm catheterized and these are the only two options that i no about,maybe the ones you have are just too big,as i wear the sock ones and they are fine,ask your nurse when you see her or give her a phone,hope this has helped

maybe the straps are too thin and tight. u can customise it yourself - get some thicker elastic and put velcroe on the edges...you wil lfind the thicker the elastic the easier it will be on your knee.

this must be very frustrating for u - good luck and please try what i said.. what about also putting some cotton wool or even better, some bandage folded behind the knee between the elastic.

really hope it works.

use a cream on the back of ur knee u will soon get used off the straps

Have you tried fixing it onto the other leg ,some of the time ,or fixing one of the straps over your sock holder ,the only other thing I can think of is a small piece of sheepskin cut and line the strap with it or lint bound round the strap ,hope this helps as you have enough to put up with ,without more hassle,

np idea

ask your carers

not really my area of expertise but i'm guessing if you had a belt that you could hang them from that would keep the height and the elastic things you already use would keep them to the leg (if i've understood you)

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