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Cant sleep for 2 days now.?
my mid term exams started 2 days ago & thats when i couldnt fall asleep. i lay in bed for HOURS and not get any rest, i've tried breathing and relaxing, still i cant fall asleep.
is it stress? or insomnia?
this is my 1st time not being able to sleep.
help ):
p/s: i havent consulted a doctor yet but if it continues, i would.

jeremy d
stay off the meth and clean up

It sounds to me like you may have a little anxiety over the exams. Not sleeping is going to make your performance on the exams poor.

I would suggest you try to take 25 mg or 50 mg of Benadryl before you go to bed. Benadryl is safe, it's for allergies, I know, but it's also the active ingredient in over the counter sleep medications. It makes you tired, a known side effect. It is commonly used to help people sleep.

P.S. It's safe to take up to 200 mg per night if you need to.

Good luck

Lisa H
I would say that the cause is all of the stress of your mid-term exams.

If this is just a temporary stress issue, just take 25-50mg benadryl and that may help you to sleep. Just watch out b/c it can really knock you out and don't take alcohol w/ it.

dont worry just relax . . . . .study well and just be confident

90% of adults have stress induced insomnia from time to time. There are so many new, really good, non-addictive prescriptions sleeping pills on the market.

I am the mother of three little ones, work full time, and use Rozerem a couple nights a week. I have battled insomnia since I was 18 years old. The only thing that keeps me from being hung over the next day is Rozerem. It's not like I take it every night, and when I do take it I feel great the next day.

It's not like it knocks you out. It just allows you to sleep. I still wake up when I hear my kids over the baby monitor, I'm not totally out of it by any means. I prefer Rozerem to Ambien, which is very addictive and causes rebound insomnia. I hated Ambien.

I would not wait it out like so many people do. You need to sleep in order for your mind & body to work properly. You wouldn't go days without eating, or days with a broken bone...not sleeping is serious and you should have the medication on hand when you need it. That's what Rozerem is for, occasional sleeplessness.

Call a doctor now, it could be 2 weeks before they can get you in and you could be a real mess by then. Look here for Rozerem info, and be careful if your speakers are turned up, it's got audio! http://www.rozerem.com/

Best of luck to you. Hope you get some rest soon, and good luck on the exams!!

It sounds like stress. Have you tried deep meditation? It will do wonders. If you can try a TaiChi class and ask them about deep meditation for relaxation and de-stressing!!!!!

go to a doctor.don't drink any coffee and black tea.

I think that your insomnia is due to the stress of your mid-terms. Try drinking a cup of hot camomile tea or sleepy-time tea before going to bed. Or try drinking 1 or 2 beers before bedtime. 1 or 2 will help to relax your mind and body-try not to exceed a couple, the alcohol will make you feel more energized.

I would say that the cause is all of the stress of your mid-term exams too.

Do not consume any caffeine after 12 noon.
Try Sleepytime tea. You can buy this in large grocery stores or health food stores. The melatonin mentioned above is great too. But the Benadryl will make you feel sluggish the next day and you need your mind to be sharp for your exams. Best of luck with your sleep and your exams.

Sir Knowsalot
Nearly everyone suffers this problem at one varied point or another in their life, some even more than others such as possibly your case, but I know how to treat it, naturally. For a very economical price you can get natural melatonin from your local Wal-Mart in the vitamin section which helps your body to produce more natural Serotonin at bed time to enhance sleep. There are zero side effects, other than a good nights sleep, and it is non-habit forming. It is just a great vitamin supplement.

Search the key word "Melatonin" on your Yahoo search engine to confirm what I'm telling you. It naturally provides me a great nights sleep every night after trying for years to sleep at night before I found this dietary supplement. I wake refreshed and full of energy as I am only promoting my body's own ability to sleep. The best brand comes in a purple bottle from the company "Natrol" and is labeled Melatonin 5mg (1 tablet at night). Again, it is non-narcotic as it is a natural supplement and is found in the vitamin and health section at your local Wal-Mart. It's the best kept secret for sleep I've ever experienced for a great nights sleep every night. By helping the body to produce more Serotonin, which is your body's "chill out" hormone, the Melatonin lowers stress, eases your mind, and thus promotes restful sleep.

Well you go genius, it is apparent that stress is interfering with your normal sleep habits. This is a natural response to the task at hand. From a medical stand point I would suggest a a regimen of diphenhydramine hydrochloride....Whew.. I think I spelled it correctly... In other words take 25-50 mg of Benadryl after you have studied and you should enjoy a peace full nights sleep. However, you will experience the well known and dreaded Benadryl hangover. This is easily corrected with a bit of caffeine in the AM. Benadryl is a safe and non habit forming pharmacological agent that may be used repetitively and is shown to provide the same effects as leading schedule narcotics such as Ambien and Ativan. Take 25-50mg PO ( by mouth) and enjoy the sleep. Take as often as needed as it very benign ( safe )... Good Night........................By the way, your doctor will tell you same thing......................................

I wouldn't go running to the doctor quite yet.

You are probably experiencing insomnia either in general or due to stress. It's not uncommon for us, especially in our busy lives to just have a lot on our mind and that impede our sleep.

This has happened to me before and it usually corrects itself after a couple nights.

Try staying away from caffeine if you can and TV/Radio/Other stimulus items - that may help as well. Good luck.

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