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Can your conscious wake up before your body does?
This morning I woke up and couldn't move my arms...I thought I had just slept on them (you know how that is, but usually it's one arm) so i tried to fling my body over. I didn't move AT ALL. I tried moving my legs...and nothing worked! I tried talking, screaming, and even opening my mouth...my body felt like it was completely dead or something. Finally I snapped out of it (probably 20 seconds altogether) but I still find it so strange. I know I was awake, and my eyes were halfway open, but my body was NOT moving. Has anyone experienced this? Is it a sign of bad health or what? So odd...

It once happened to my sister for ten minutes! She kept dreaming that she was awake too, but then she'd figure out it was fake and "wake up" again. She was really bored after awhile. You should have seen the look of horror and annoyance when I said, "Annie, wake up," and she sits up like, "THANK you!! You'll never guess what just happened!?" I suppose sound woke her body up...

woah.never had that. it was probably a bad dream and where dreaming that you were awake when you actually were not.

I have experienced this myself and it always scared the crap out of me. I would try to "will" something to move and it was always a struggle. I do not know what causes this but I think you are fine though I know what you mean....it is very frightening. I read something years ago about "sleep paralysis". Wow...seems it is not so uncommon after all!

I believe it is possible. You may have been so relaxed that mind didn't have complete control of your body. Or, you may have tried to move before all your body systems had fully awakened from whatever stage of sleep you might have been in. There is probably nothing wrong, but I think a Psychologist would be able to answer this question better than I can.

yah actually, it's actually medical condition called sleep paralysis. if it keeps occuring you should probably go see your doctor.

read up more on it

good luck

The mom
In the deeper stages of sleep, the brain paralyzes the muscles to prevent you acting out your dreams. They are usually released as the sleep level raises, however you can be woken in that deep state by something. In that case, there would be a little bit of time immediately following when the brain hasn't quite "booted" back into the waking state and allowed conscious control of the muscles again. Like as not, this is what happened in your case. You were not exactly awake, but not deeply asleep either. It's not a sign of anything else, certainly not a malfunction or anything that would need medical assistance. It's part of the normal sleep function, and in your case, you interrupted it a bit out of sequence. It's a disturbing sensation, but not a threatening one. Had you been able to return to sleep, you would have likely drifted back off quite easily and probably not even remembered the incident. If you experience this again, try to remain calm, and let your brain and body catch up with you. It will in a short amount of time, usually a matter of seconds.

I have done this 4 or 5 times. It seems like it happened when i was extremely exhausted. Scary stuff huh. Man, for me those were like nightmares that wouldnt end. I thinki mine were proabably 20 secs or so too but it seems like forever, then your body wakes slooooowwwwwly....... and then you just SNAP, awake........ been there.. hope to not go back..lol

Gemma S
It is called sleep paralysis. It happens to lots of people, and is not necessarily a sign that anything is wrong. It can, however, if other symptoms are also present be a symptom of a sleep disorder such as narcolepsy.

During REM sleep (when you are dreaming) your body is paralyzed to prevent you from acting our your dreams. Occasionally, though, you can essentially wake up before your body does.

Danny N
Yes that is possible, usually its when you become aware you are dreaming and try to wake yourself, you are still dreaming...but dreaming you are awake and struggling to move...eventually you really do wake and move just like in your dream.

Oh hey, yeah this is sleep paralysis, I actually suffer it myself. If you can, it helps to sleep on your stomach or your side rather than on your back, and make sure you're completely comfortable. I found that high stress levels and heat would set it off for me.
I know it's a bit freaky, but there are heaps of us kids out there who go through it - my brother has it too.
The more you relax about it, the less frequent it is, and the shorter it lasts.
Good luck! Take care of yourself, if you want to ask any more questions you can message me.

Nick S
Thats crazy the same thing happened to me a month ago. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling but I was still asleep. It was pretty strange but it lasted for only a few seconds.

This is completely normal
No need to freak out
Simple case of the mind waking up before the body
Some people actually try to do this on purpose

Yes, this is Sleep Paralysis, or as we say around here, SP. It's a perfectly natural phenomenon. Normally, you are asleep before SP sets in, so you are unaware of it. This is what prevents you from sleepwalking or otherwise "acting out" your dreams.

If you can enter SP, it can be used to achieve a lucid dreaming state. This is known as WILD.

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