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 How much do you need to drink to become an alcoholic?

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I guess I wasn't specific..
I don't drink every day and not even every weekend, but I have someone close who drinks about 2 beers every evening, more ...

 What concerns you most about turning 50?

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i really need to know!!...

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 I can't sleep?
So this is how it goes.

I'm 14, I wake up at 6, try to sleep at 9, but I'm just lying there for 2 or 3 or even 5 hours.

I've been like that for the last 2 months.<...

 If I yell really loudly into a doctor´s stethoscope while he is using it, can I make him go deaf?

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Yeah, my IQ is like 4, so please forgive me for asking this stupid question.

Continue answering though, you people are so funny!...

 Could you guys do me a major favor.?
Can you guys make believe you are chewing and do this in total silence i mean no noises around you at all. And tell me if you here any noises in your ear or sometihng like that. If so is it normal ...

 Has any one ever smoked?
pot, mary jane you know, was it fun , i dont want to mess up my life w/ drugs im just wondering how it makes u ...

 "Tattoo" using sunscreen?
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 Anyone have any great tips to help quit smoking?
I currently taking the zyban pill to help me quit smoking. My quit date is April 13th. Does anyone know any tips or tricks to get me through the tough spots?

Thanks for your help

 Serious Question About Stinky Feet?
My son's feet reek. He is only 7. We have tried everything! Even scrubbing the insides of his sneakers and sandles with bleach before washing them- they stank again in two days. Yes we'...

 Are you scared about getting old? Why?

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i have my old peoples home picked out, i shall drink whiskey to numb any aches and pains. Im definately starting smoking again even if i have to go outside in my ...

 Will i die???
about six months ago, my 14 year old cousin died in his sleep and the doctors could not figure out what happned so they said it way a sudden arrhythmia death syndrome. Since the disease can be ...

 Flu injection - are you having one this year? If not, why not?
Warwick Uni in UK have found a way of turning the flu virus into a vaccine - by genetically modifying it - the virus literally kills itself. This means that bird flu can now be dealt with. Hurrah!<...

 Any Ideas on getting to sleep?
Lately I just can't get to sleep. I am up at 6am work all day and I feel really tired. Just can't sleep......

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 My Sister has a little problem....?
Before i write on PLEASE DON'T LAUGH. This is a serious question!!!! And i only want serious answers.

My sister smells of, fish. It's true! I try to tell her that she smells but ...

 I'm trying to give up cigarettes and stop smoking?
Has anybody got any good tips or ideas that might help me quit.
I don't really want to start using nicotine replacement if at all possible.
Are there any natural aids to help me quit?...

 I wore a pair of panties I bought at a yard sale and now I have an angry red rash. What will soothe it?
I picked up a darling yellow and brown pair of "Monday" panties at a yard sale last weekend. I've been wearing them ever since, and now I have an angry red rash in the crack between ...

 Am i an alcoholic???????
hi i was just looking for some advice really, i currently drink about 4 to 6 beers a night, i don't start till my kids are in bed at 9ish, i get up every morning and workout for about an hour, ...

Can you feel dizzy and light headed from cleaning with bleach in an enclosed room for too long?

Additional Details
What should I do if I feel dizzy?

Yes. Not just bleach. You should try to use ventiliation whenever using household cleaners...and NEVER mix. The vapors from mixing bleach with other household cleaners can actually make you pass out.

Absolutely--its sodium hypochloride, a toxic substance, and should also never be used with ammonia--the two will form a gas that may render unconsciouness. Just a tip--white vinegar is as bacteriostatic as bleach, and it does not harm our ground water, or our bodies. It can be used on countertops, medical tubings, to clean tile and bathrooms, refrigerators, spray for ants, fleas, ticks, mites, etc. It is a good rinse for laundry, and a great cleaner when comfined with baking soda for tough tiles and tubs, etc. Always read labels on anything you use. In many cases, today's famous cleaners and sprays are only white vinegar with a perfume scent added. So, buy spray bottles and make your own cleaners--and save money, to boot!

hell yeah you can also die from fume inhalation...rule of thumb open the window, or if your bathroom is windowless like mine keep the door open and take breaks...i love my bleach :)

ABSOLUTELY. It is very unhealthy to do this. Make sure you have fresh air to breathe. The moment you feel weird, you KNOW it's not good for you. It's also not good to mix cleaners.

Yes, that is very dangerous! Be careful and try to keep windows and doors open, use less bleach, or try to use a different type of product (if you can) that wont make you as sick!

yaa ddddddduuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yes You can ... it is caused by the dying brain cells from inhailing the bleach fumes.

just m
absolutely, the fumes are very intoxicating.

YES!!! you need to get some air circulating in that room right now, and get out into some fresh air yourself. Please be sure, if you are cleaning with bleach, that you are not mixing it with anything containing lye or ammonia, or with toilet bowl cleaners. Mixing bleach with other chemicals can cause the creation of chlorine gasses, which are lethal to breathe.

Amy O
Yep! and if you do it too long your nose wont smell anything for a while.

Katelyn H
Yes cuz of al the chemicals!Just try some asprin and ly down

Yes! You are poisoning yourself! Open a window, leave the room, maybe even go outside for fresh air.

DEFINATELY!!! All those chemicals are not meant to be inhaled in large quantities. Or even small quantities

yes definatly. Caused from the lack of oxygen in the air. Vent the area if its a bathroom run the fan or put a floor fan in or something. NEVER mix bleach and ammonia.

You have to be very careful not to mix cleaning products. They can give off a gas that can kill you. Always work in a well ventilated room. Open the door and windows.

Can your butt hurt if you pull out your head to quickly..?


I would think that your eyes would be burning and your chest hurting before you'd be feeling dizzy. However, mixing bleach and other cleaning agents can produce toxic fumes that would make you dizzy.

Baby girl born on 8/29/08!!!!!!!
It can happen yes. It is a dangerous household cleaning chemical. Anything toxic can have several adverse affects.


yes. it is toxic.

lover of Jehovah and Jesus
yes you can. bleach is very strong. I know when I use bleach when I am washing the whites, it makes the whole house smell and sometimes I get dizzy. but it makes the whites real white. be careful

yes you can....

Heck yeah!!!! Bleach is a toxic chemical and anytime you work with a chemical you should always make sure you have good ventilation in a room. Just get fresh air and you will be okay. Just don't do it again!!! The first sense of feeling dizzy and light headed, leave the room and go outside!

robert p
Yes.Open some windows.Go outside and get some fresh air.

Yes you can. Don't stay in the room for too long.

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