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Can u get weed out of ur system?
my p.o is coming to c me tomorrow an i smoked a blunt is there any way for me to get it out of my system in case he pee tests me?

take a drinking straw... put it in your Clorox Bleach and drop about Six Drops into a Large 44oz Cup of Water Drink it the night before the UA...

Amanda P
water pills worked for my friend and he passed the past

Dude who doesn't know
Drink tea. A lot of tea. Like 1/2-1 gallon of tea.

Cranberry juice,& lots and lots of water.
Try to pee as many times as you can before the test.
Then right before you have to take it drink as much fluids as possible.
Oh & I see alot of people telling you to drink GALLONS of water.
Yes,you should drink plenty of water to cleanse your system,but don't over do it.
You can literally drown your body if you drink to much water.
It can be fatal.

Israel's Angel
lots of water & cranberry juice....as long as u don't do it alot that should work

sugeiry b
should have never done it in the first place
especially if u have p.o

Rylee M.
pssh as if.
u need prfessional help.
and thats a awful thing to
do in the first damn place.

as of right now nothing other than a detox pill will help you. try nyacin.

Sister Lourdes
yeah stop smoking it foolio and take some responsibility for your pathetic life. or end up in prison and enable yourself to witness all of the things the g rated prison movies never showed you, eh?

There are things you can get at whole foods/ healthy food places that help to clean our your system but you have to drink like gallons of water and it is not guaranteed. It's the closest option though. Here's a though.. don't smoke weed when you know you have to meet with your P.O. the next day.. DUH

i just had an interview last wed, then apllied for another job. when i got home i was so bummed out didn't think i got the job. well i took 2 hits off of a blunt which i don't normally do. that was at 11:am. at 12p.m. i got a call to go in for p-test. i drank lots of water, do mean lots of water. well i took the test at 2p.m. that very sameday got the job. i couldn't believe it. i was horrified. would swear it doesn't work but it did for me. my sister in law gets high all the time like 3 times a day she can't a pass a test to save her life. i don't get to high to high. now that i got this job a good job. can't do it again ever. last time i said that was 6 year's ago, when i lefted my home state; for a job that was well worth lots of money. so i didn't get high ever that was 6 year's. now been 2 times this year i got high. guess it wont happen for a long, long, time.

Lots of water.
and Asprin I think. Not too many... please do not overdose lol.

Well u can take 2 shots of viniger befor you go or you can have someone with clean pee, pee in a visine bottle and tape it to your inner thigh ro you can go to a store and buy detox pill. Or you can buy cranberry pills but i say u go with the pee or the viniger. Or you can drink alot of water and green tea and i mean alot and just piss all night!

Amy V
Well, you're doing a urine test, right?

here's a simple trick i picked up in lockdown:

if you have crabs, any weed in your system doesnt register on the urine test results....its devoured pretty much

this is proven....i had to do it, and i have friends who did too

hope this works for you honey

i dont have to tell you how to catch crabs? do i?

in summary: smoke weed, catch crabs, never get caught ;P

im not sure because THC usually stays in your fat for quite a while

Get Certo! Its in the gellatin isle. Cost about $2.50-3. You make it w/ Jelly! I know several people that have passed by this method.

First drink some water. Then get a half a pitcher of juice and a packet of certo..drink 2. (It coats your stomach, its kinda thick. I know someone that drank this the nite before and passed .


yes this is 100% fool proof!
You dont smoke it!

I have the ultimate way to get it out of your system.

Don't smoke it.

Yes, but do not use weed killers! Use only golden seal available at fine health stores every where including GNC.
I hope you are not high now because all these answers might make you paranoid-lol. Take a break!


I heard Orange Juice helps. I have no idea if it's true or not, but it tastes good, so it can't hurt. But the best solution to this problem is quit smoking the stuff.

Out of your system yes! but not out of your brain cells!

Mr. Right
drink GALLONs of cranberry juice. if you have access to a head-shop, they sell products that if you drink a gatorade size bottle of it, you will be good. also niacin works...

You could try living on nothing but cranberry juice,but you are probably screwed.

People need to learn humor
no it will eventually go away but you cant get it out of your system that fast

allison b
yeah in 30 days........lol

Why do stupid people feel compelled to go online and share their stupidity with others? No you cannot get it out of your system - they can test your hair and it will be there years from now - unless you cut the hair that was formed on the day you smoked. My dad had a guy try to shave every inch of his hair - body and head - eyebrows included - so he couldn't be tested and all they fired him anyway for stupidity.

unless the p.o. has a way to test your pee at your home/where you live on site you are in the clear for now.
there are no "instant" test strips to test for pot,weed,grass or whatever it is called. the best way to keep from getting busted is to stay off the stuff. just hope that the p.o. doesn't want you to go to the station in the morning to produce your pee. drink beer, it helps take the edge off of using pot.

Yeah, get rid of all your blood and urine.

Or next time just dont smoke idiot.

30 days, unless you haven't been smoking for a while. Drink tons of water plzzz

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