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Can they tell if you're a boy or girl by your urine in a drug test?
Can they tell if you're a boy or girl by your urine in a drug test?


Trying to cheat a drug test?

Stop using drugs and use your own pee.

life is good

Jennifer W
Well, I wouldn't recommend a young man having a pregnant woman do a piss test for him cause he will probably show pregnant. Yes, they can tell. ;-)

i think high levels of testosterone or Progesterone or Estrogen

Bill C
No, only what is in your system. To determine if you are male or female, they would have to do a DNA test with it, but that's not part of a drug test.

Mark S
Thats funny I hope not. Is there a way to mask it?

Billy Ireland79

yes they can.


Why? You can't take someone else's with you anyway -- they'll know - I've given those tests before -- there is a temperature reading on them -- you can't fake it..

No they cannot... There are even some conditions that can cause a male to test positive on a pregnancy test.

only if you are a boy and the pee is from a pregnant girl hmmmmmm

Mr Lizard
Yes. You need to find a male source if this is your idea of passing a drug test..

I wouldn't chance it. Call your local head shop.

Kisame A
no yes no yes no yes........................wait i don't know it was like 58 years ago

stop doing drugs and take your own tests

Brad K
Yes, I have had male employee's show up pregnant during pee tests for drug screens.

Yes, definitely. Female urine and male urine are different. They have different chemicals in them that are not in the opposite kind.


Yes. A female's urine sample will have a higher level of estrogen.

been there done that
Yes, if they check, but they usually don't

just a gorilla
only by specifically testing for it. It's not routine.

Absolutely. The hormone components in anyone's urine can determine whether that sample came from a male or female - they can also tell if you are pregnant, taking birth control pills, going through menopause, using steroids (testosterone), or gender-transitioning drugs (hormone pills) - and, of course, using drugs. Nicotine is also detectable. So is your salt intake.

Squeeky [Wind Maker]
I think so. I'm not really sure, but I think that they can tell by the levels of endorphines (or is it endocrines?) and testosterone, but I'm not sure...that's just a guess.

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