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 Ok, I know your all gonna tell me to go see my doctor but I just want your opinions first :o)?
About 3 weeks ago, I cut my foot on the top of a nail whils walking in my house.
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 I need to know what is the quickest way to pass a urine drug screen i have about19 hrs until test.?
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 I've been feeling so sleepy lately and sleeping a lot every day. Is there anything wrong with that?
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 I b s. help?
when imstressed or upset or even daily life im constipated constantly. what can i do...... no daft answere please this is a seriouse ...

 Pain in your lungs?
Some times when i breath in i have a sharp pain in my lungs, and i have to stop breathing normally and breath slowly till the pain is gone.Does any one have the same problem?...

 Does smoking cause wrinkles from the chemicals or is from the actual movement of the face involved in smoking?
My wife and I were talking about this today and we were wondering what causes the wrinkles in smokers faces....

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 Does anybody know whats good for athritis without taking a prescription?

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I keep nodding off at my computer - instant fix ideas please!!...

 Anyone got tips on how to give smoking up?

 Whats the best position to fall asleep?

 How often are you supposed to take a shower?
its bad if you do it everyday right?...

 My 11 year old sister is sick i think.. please read im worried.?
My 11 year old sister is slow and sluggish lately [no shes not on drugs or medication]. I hit her and it took a minute for her to realize I hit her. Also, she seems tired, but she gets 12 hours of ...

 Can you still use your arm when you dislocate your shoulder??
Is it just dead and you cant move it or is it mobile, just very painful..........

 Wat is the legal age to work in a fastfood restauraunt?

 Overdose of tylenol in toddler?
my toddler , 30 lbs., probably only ingested 1 80 mg. tablet of tylenol but possibly (very unlikely) ingested as many as 9, a total of 720 mg. Is this a toxic dosage for a 30 lb. toddler?

 What's the best way to fight mosquitoes?

 Wat can be done to solve problem of irregular menstruation?

 Helping My Parent Quit Smoking HELP PLEASE?
My mom has been smoking for quite a while now and I wanted to know ways I could encourage my mom to stop smoking... I really cant go up to her and ask her to stop smoking... its kinda hard for me so ...

ive had really bad heartburn all day that i cant seem to get rid of any ideas?...

Can sitting on a public toilet cause an infection?
Ever since I could remember my mom always told me to squat when i went to like gas stations or places lioke that. I obviously woludnt sit on a dirty toilet but like one's at restaurants that are clean. What are the chances of getting some sort of infection or something?

Hillary Seenjan
yes all public toilets have infection

there is a 50/50 chance but i would still be on the safe side

You can't get some viruses like HIV from it (it's a fact), however, you never know who has sat on the toilet before you. The person before you could have had a disease or infection that is transmitted by touching something the carrier has touched. Just wipe the toilet seat before sitting down and put some toilet paper (or seat covers if the stall has it), and you should be okay. Try not to touch the seat too much also if you can help it.

.... im kinda a germ fob so i paper the seat no matter what the thought of siting where someones sweaty a$$ was is a freaky one so i paper it no matter what and you should too!

do it movin'
This was on that myth show on mtv a long time ago.. and they proved that you CANNOT catch anything from sitting on a public toilet. Although, I still use the toilet cover paper, cuz that's just nasty

yes, you can get crabs and thrush etc....

Sami Bear

yeah and i would be careful about crabs too

my ancestors would go to the bush alone... so i'm still trying to comprehend why euro-pee-ans would want everyone to pee together?

Yes you can. I cant tell you exactly what type but you can get infections from toilet seat.

I'm not sure. I think so.

But please do one thing. When you use a public toilet, line it with toilet paper or bring liners. (They have purse packs i buy them all the time. I don't sit on public toilets unless I line them with something)

I'm not trying to be mean don't take this the wrong way and I'm not saying you have an infection, but........

It's people who squat and spray urine all over the toilet that spread these infections. Be considerate for those of us who use that toilet behind you.

Very small chance. I've never known of anyone getting one from sitting on a toilet.

Don't ever sit on a public toliette. Push the handle with your foot because that is germy too.

Yes, my neice was trying to 'squat' and the back of her thighs hit the commode and she broke out in bumps. Be careful. Put tissue on the seat and squat!

Dr Dee
yes you can

muncie birder
After reading all the answers, I am not sure that I want to sit on my own toilet any more.

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