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edgar s
Can red velvet cake make your stool blood red?
just freaking out a little i had red stool
this morning, i did eat red velvet cake last night though.
anyone know if this happens? the person who also ate cake with me did not have the same problem.
just wanted to ask before i started to really freak out

yes, it happen to me do not worry its nothing serious

yes it can and if dont have anymore red stools i wouldnt be concerned but if you are just ask your primary care doc if you can have stool checked for blood

and do not worry. blood in your stool would be black. it looks like coffee grounds. Once there is enough to turn it red you are bleeding bad enough that you will feel the effects.

mike oxbig
The only thing I know of that does that is grapes, and the colour is green.
Trust me, that's not normal!
It depends how much red it was, was it painfull?
Could just be like me and have developed Hemorrhoids. YAY!
If not, it could be VERY serious.

Not Allie
Food coloring can change the color of your stool, yes. Blood is black if you have internal bleeding, which would indicate a serious problem (unless you've had Pepto Bismol lately, which can also cause black stools). If your stool is still red tomorrow, you should see a doctor.

Yes. There's a HUGE amount of red food coloring used in this cake and it will cause your stool to be red if you ate a lot of it. Don't freak, you're fine.

sometimes roids are on the inside a few inches,eat more vegies and go to emergency room just in case it's more serious,i had the same problem with a bottle of wine,it was gushing everywhere,i thought my main artery was in my but,turned out to be a roid on the inside though and it's still growing,gosh durn i think if it gets any bigger at my next pizza and video night it might eat San Francisco :)

Angie S
Since the red velevt cake requires red food coloring maybe so I would wait until next BM before going nuts,if you feel bad or just wanna be sure see doctor.

ABSOLUTELY...it happened to me..don't freak out

Yes. The dye doesn't digest... it just comes out.

Its the large amounts of dye that was used to make the cake, so dont worry

i made my sister a red velvet cake for her birthday and used large amounts of Black food coloring in the frosting it and it made her stool black. its funny lol

Man, how much food coloring did yu put in that cake?????dont fart!!they will think yu been shot!!!

Yes, as stated earlier, blood would be black. Blood also has a definite odor to it. It would smell like iron. Sounds gross to be smelling it, but you would definitely smell it if it had blood in it. Had the same problem with beets not too long ago!

Craig and Ana
Yes it can -red dye #2 is still red coming out the other end. If you continue to have red stools though it can be a sign of lower Gastrointestinal bleeding.Black stools can be a sign of upper GI bleeding ( gastric ulcer)

haha...I'm not laughing at you...but I remember having this same thing happen to me!

The person who ate with you probably just had more in their system to digest (hadn't had a bowel movement as quick as you had, maybe).

It's the dye in the cake that turned your stool red.

It's the same reason that milk can turn it green and oreo cookies can turn it black. It's just the way it breaks down after consumed.

Nothing to worry about.

Connors mommy!
It could have been just the cake. It has food coloring in it. Depending on how much. If you get bad stomach cramps or anything call the Dr ASAP! Good Luck

kevin r
Yes. Blood is Black after it has passed through the digestive tract if it is not floating in the water it is most likely fine

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