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ILoveGreen ZipZapZop
Can rapid climate change make us feel sick???
where i live, its been really weird unlike other years. its been hot some days, then its turned very cold other days. there was really no transition. now its cold...but i can remember last week that it was still hot, too hot to even be wearing a sweater. i think this rapid change is what causes me not to feel so well, and the same happens to many people around here! we had a very hot summer and now its suddenly so cold. im not feeling so well. i think im going to get sick. i suspect it may be true that its the rapid change thats causign this. is it possible???
Additional Details
heaven...i totally agree! my mood and my emotions arent the same as they were during the summer! weird huh? its not so bad but its strange lol.

Andrew L
Actually I think this has been a typical English summer. Not too hot, not too cold, plenty of rain, but also plenty of sunshine.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think the temperature anywhere in the UK has gone above 30. I seriously doubt whether the climate is making you feel sick. You should see a doctor.

A Normal Guy
Absolutely. Hot humid air has more moisture which makes it weigh more. Cold air is thin, light and dry. It is not really the temp. but the weight of the air which causes different amounts of pressure on your sinuses and the inner ear which can cause many symptoms.

Yes. Any sudden remarkable increase or decrease in temperature can make people sick. I know I usually get sick or don't feel well when the weather suddenly changes. I'm not sure why this happens, perhaps it gives our immune systems a shock. I do know that our bodies change and adjust to various temperatures. Like during the summer when it's hot our blood is thinner, and during the winter cold months our blood is thicker.

Yes, a rapid change of climate affects severely our body. I mean, when our body passes from warm temperature to cold temperature fastly and many times in a day or in a week, it cna be very dangerous for our health.

The human body needs to have a temperature between 34 and 36 degrees to be normal. When climate alters this temperature, we begin to feel really sick with symptoms like fever, headache and influenza.

If you want to get more information about this kind of sickness and their control, you can visit this website:


so small
It's really not climate change.I think it's more the jet stream.
It's the same way here,last week it was 94 ....this weeks highs are 20...25 degrees lower and we're all freezing.

One thing which is routinely noted is the change in atmospheric pressure. It creates different effects for different people. But is generally reacted to by most. The greater the sensitivity, the greater the reaction.

This phenomena also has an effect on the blood being circulated to the brain and would easily account for the varying mood changes. Body physiology is a curious study.

Debbie V
I have SAD, too, so getting into a sunlightless area would certainly affect me emotionally, anyway. But I love the autumn, so I'm much more likely to go outside, and get more sunshine that way.

If you already have a virus, or have an impending cold coming on, and then the weather switches drastically, maybe the change might help you come down with the virus, esp if it affects your immune system.

I know SAD affects me emotionally, and that affects my immune system, and I'm more prone to illness--so I'd have to answer yes to your question.

TX Mom
not an authority

yes, many people feel sick in a weather change (i was one of them..) if a person has a strong immunity system then the chances of him falling ill are less in climatic changes..so,keep urself fit,have good diet,exercise and take extra care of yourself during such changes.

Jane S
My body can't get used to the fact that I was sleeping in my flannel nightgown last week and it was 94 degrees in Ohio today! Have you ever had your thyroid checked? My underactive thyroid (treated with daily medication) condition makes me less tolerant of heat but I'm usually the last one to get cold but I'm also somewhat overweight. We get used to temperature changes which are usually gradual but this year the weather is definitely screwy. Wash your hands frequently, especially when coming home, before meals, and after bathroom use, try not to breathe in too much air conditioned air and consider a humidifier in the winter when the air is drier. I honestly don't know the medical answer to your question but I completely agree with you that rapid weather changes are harder on our bodies and I just got over either a mild flu or some other kind of virus which was very early this season. I hope you feel better fast!

Global warming is having strange effects on us as well as the weather. Because of the constant changes in temperature, our bodies arent used to such extremes, and more bugs and germs are around because of the sudden changes. I dont think it matters what country you are in, this is a planet-wide thing, and the majority of us are feeling off colour a lot more because of the constant changing temps.

hollywood [hobo]â„¢
Weather does infact alter moods.
The sun can be out, you'll be happy, it starts raining, you feel blue.
Just like when it's hot and turns cold you can catch colds.
And in the summer that's why you get allergies.
The climate can cause you to feel sick, but it's only because your body hasn't adjusted to the weather.

It sure can - take your time if it's very hot out there stay cool, SIP water as often as poss., going cold - wear an extra T. shirt, - add thin layers not one big heavy item.

What you have described is a typical English summer when 'rain stopped play'.

Climate change is happening and the pace seems to have quickened in the last couple of years. The time-scale has now shrunk from a couple of hundred years down to something like thirty to fifty years. Well within the life-time of anyone under say 40.

Well, I'll be off soon as I'm now 66 - so it's not really my problem, is it? I mean, just how selfish is that? You've got to elect 'young' leaders if you want to overcome the effect of climate change and global warming.

Erica S
yes, rapid climate or pressure change can make you feel sick or become ill more easily.

make sure you're dressing for the wweather, this is the thing that gets a lot of people in troble where I live, because they don't prepare for the sudden cold and rain so they catch a virus/bug. and take plenty of vitamin C to fight off those gross feelings.

Heaven Hill
i think it can. i remember one day when i was from LA to fly to Kuala Lumpur, i suffered a bad headache and that my nose was bleeding badly. it was winter in LA and obviously KL is hot. i guess it does affect us. it affects our emotion as well, dont u think?

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