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jackie t
Can eating to many tomatoes give you a bad stomach and bad wind?

Yes cos tomatoes are acid

yes definitely, I notice it especially after spaghetti bolognaise or sundried tomatoes!

♥Scottish♥ ♥Fairy♥
no idea,but they are good for you so fart away.

Happy lil gal!
any fruit or vegetable can, but it depends on how fast you eat them if you eat them slowly then they should digest better and easier

Tina M
Any foods can give you a stomach ache and gas. Tomatoes are very rich in acid and eating too many can cause other health problems. I would advise to not eat as many or at least not the skins.

to much of anything can give you a sore stomach exspecialy having so much acid in them but not sure about the wind part but do know they can help prevent you from getting cancer

Pete T
Not that I've heard of. I eat about 6 aday.

They have a lot of acid in too, so get some toilet paper on ice for later

Veston Pants
Oooohhh Yeessss!! Too many and it can be painful.

too much of anything is bad for you.but a few a day or whatever wouldn't cause you any real probs

Yes. It takes our stomachs longer to digest tomatoes than most foods. They are acidic as hell, so they cause gas problems and mouth sores in some people. They sure are yummy, though.

There is a lot of acid in tomatoes. They can give you an upset tummy and over time do damage. It's just like everything else... good in moderation.

As for "bad wind"... I don't think so, but I've been wrong before.

Nothing to say?
Too much of anything can give you a stomach ache, but I havn't heard about the wind problem.

The extra potassium can lead to kidney stones if you eat too many on a regular basis..

I havent heard that tomatoes do that.Now beans thats a different matter.

no I eat a lot. make your own tomato and onion chutney, it's delicious. put some well riped tomatoes and finely chopped onion and little salt add a little ginger if you like and cook it gently until tomatoes melted. mesh it all up and serve hot or cold as condiments or spread it on toast, it's very nice..

The acid that is found in tomatoes can cause problems for your stomach and also cause sores inside your mouth. So stop grazing in the tomatoe patch and find something else to eat.

......No, but it can make you think of really stupid questions to ask on Y Answers!!!

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