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jim r
Can drinking alot of water clean out your system for a drug test?

no, drugs stay in your blood for a long period of time.

No. Get off the drugs and you won't have to worry about it.

Depending on the level of the drug chemical you have in your system defines whether the water will help or not. If they think there's even a trace of a drug in you they'll probably have a sample of your hair. You can drink an ocean, but nothing will get the evidence of whatever you have ingested out of your hair. A friend of mine had to take a drug test so he drank so much water he was urinating for three days straight. It saved him, but not when they took a sample of his hair.

Blunt Honesty
Depends on the drug. But not usually. Just drinking lots of water doesn't entirely remove the toxins. It can dilute a sample enough to prevent a positive result of THC, but you have to time it right, and it isn't permanent.

Nope sorry there is nothing you can do to remove all trace evidence from your system. Just hope they use a faulty test.

Jenny A

Not using drugs cleans out your system so get off the drugs you doper!

i can't believe i'm telling you this... but Niacin.

No its in your blood not your urine,kidneys, stomach you shouldnt have done drugs to start with. You deserve to fail the test

just say NO !!!! No the stuff stays in for 1 week to 30 days depending on what you took . also if they take a strand of hair , you re' screwed

Jen G

No--you are soooooooo busted.

~life sucks~
Drinking alot of water prior to a drug test can make the drug test inadmissable. "They" can tell if the urine is too watered down and they declare it an invalid sample.

Hey there, the drugs go into your blood system which is how you feel euphoric really fast. (I took several drug & alcohol classes in college) There isn't anyway to get rid of them unless you quit using.

Not enough to not come up positive. Stop doing drugs, its the cheapest and easiest method of passing a drug test.

No. Drugs are in your bloodstream, honey.

Yes Floyd Landis tried that technique

yes but lots try adding apple cider vingar with it cleans you out like it does a coffe filter

If you take a pee test then drinking lots, and i mean LOTS of cranberry juice might help(depending on what you took) but if they take some other bodily test then...sorry.

THEY already know that anyways.

Coo coo achoo
It depends on the amount of body fat you have. A friend of mine passed his test but he has very little body fat to speak of. Another friend of mine who is (I'd say) 20-30 pounds overweight couldn't pass a test a month and a half after stopping his "habit".
Best way is to not do drugs at all-- that's tough though if you're even psychologically addicted.


It helps, but the drugs are still going to be in your system until it works through your blood.

Average clean-out time:
Acid : Forever if you consider a spinal tap
Coke: 5 days
M Jane: One Week


nurse Jenni

noo.. idk wat can! but okk its a bleach tablet drink something with it but not water or u die and ya do u live in oklahoma or near it!


Like mentioned before, it will give you an invalid specimen. If the reason you are taking it is because you need to get a job. Get a plastic bag with a hose and have a clean friend pee in it. If you dress up really nice and don't look cracked out, they won't watch you pee. But if they suspect you they will send in someone to watch. They also sell fake urine at many of the smoke shops (legal herb) Oh yea, and to make me fit in with the rest of the group.

Don't do drugs.

If you took a couple pills or did some coke; drink alotta water and cranberry juice.Those are out of your system naturally in about 72 hrs anyway. And... If you smoke pot there is no real way to rid your body of it any quicker than 30 days. There are some cleansers that promise to do it or your money back... wtf is that worth after you already lost a job offer or pisst off you probation officer!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha... they are right buddy, the best way to be clean is to stay clean!... Good luck.

Queen A
There are herbal teas that can do this
It is golden seal
Like try to not do drugs it will make you old b4 your time
And you will be like to the curb
fo sho
And weed is an overweight high
that gives you the munchies and makes you looking like
2 tons of fun

i dont think so playa

Drink energy drinks such as "MONSTER" they have a special ingridien that helps flush out your system.

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