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I love screwdrivers!
Can blood pressue running 134 over 98 and pulse running 104 be ignored?
What would cause this?

Those are both very high, this could be because you have too many electrolites in your bloodstream. Such as sodium, potassium, and various other salts. This shouldn't be ignored, because having such a high blood-pressure and pulse can lead to heart disease, and even death. I suggest you go to the doctor, but also, reduce your sodium intake by at least half. Avoid foods that are high in mono-saturide fats. Poly-saturide fats are good for you, they are metabolised, while mono-saturide fats are not, and end up creating clogs in arteries and veins. This can lead to a heart attack, a stoke, or even other life threatening conditions. Now don't just take my advice either, it could be being caused by something other than what I described, so goto your doctor, and allow him to judge the correct path to take. OH, BTW stay away from eating out, this can cause an increase in glucose, mono-saturide fats, and large quantities of sodium.... all which can cause hypertention and lead to heart disease.

High blood pressure

better be in consultation with a medical practicioner ... blood pressure 134/98 means you have hypertension, and most worring fact is that your diaslotic pressure is 98 it is supposed to be 80. This shows that you have a tendency to have heart problem too. Pulse rate 104 shows that yiour heart is working too hard ... and it is becoming the chicken - egg problem, one is causing the other to grow further ... but do not panic .. nothing to worry so much at this stage ... get well soon

sounds ok to me

sounds like high blood pressure, make an appointment with your doctor soon.

very dangerous B/P......go to ur doctor as soon as possible

Neither of those numbers are too exaggerated, but if they stay at those levels for more than a day and it is not normal for you then you should see a Dr. Stress, hypertension and generally being out of shape are usually the contributing factors, but there may be something else.

"CAN" be ignored but should not be. 134 is not bad. 98 is pretty high. 104 pulse is fast. could be hyperthyroidism which can be serious if not treated. could be other stuff like hyperadrenal production, which is also serious. see a doctor to have the cause determined. the pulse of 104 could be "normal" for you. but the 98 diastolic (bottom #) should be addressed with medication.

Stress is normally the main cause. Don't ignore it. Your body is tryin to tell you somethin. Go to the doctor!

BP is considered high normal, but pulse of 104 (is that resting) is not a good thing. Remember, the five most dangerous words are: Maybe it will go away!

Good luck

a bit high, you really should see your doctor about it, even marginally high pressure can do long term damage to your heart

Judas Rabbi

Had you been running just prior to taking your bp and pulse???

120/80 is normal. Yours is reaching beyond mild hypertension. What you don't say is what happened right before the test was taken? Were you active or is this a resting test. When you go to a Doc they will do standing sitting and lying down and then the average is the pressure.

Can it be ignored--yes. Should it be--no, that is very high, could be deadly, and is probably treatable.

DC Bob
Depends on your age and what you were doing before you took the blood pressure.

Could be good, could be bad, and could be something that you could brag about if you were doing something that I was thinking about.

I ignored it for years and ended up w. end stage terminal heart failure, email me I'll tell you how to deal w.

You might have diabetes. Don't ignore that.TRUST ME.

If your pulse is real high when relaxed. Get your thyroid checked out.

Earl E. Morningwood
nope you should see medical attention.

It depends on how old you are.Height weight.Ideally the bottom number the diastolic should be in the 80s.The top number the systolic should be in the 120s.Mine was 180 over 115, 3 years ago.I started taking blood pressure meds.Now it's around where yours is. Depending on when I take a reading.

well you are a little high on all of it iw ould see a doctor and maybe get a diet change plan it may just be to much salt or it could be that you have gained a little weight, or you have never really worked out so your body is starting to go into decline

roken Josh
it sounds fine to me

Ideal blood pressure still is about 120 over 80, and many people are less than that. High bp can be from too much sodium, or some level of heart failure (people do live with hf), thus fluid retention which can cause the high numbers. The high pulse could be due to a heart valve problem, such as mitral valve stenosis, usually scarring from Rheumatic Fever, also from being a couch potato. The numbers you gave definitely should not be ignored. You or whoever should see a Cardiologist very soon. There are medications, usually Beta Blockers, that will lower the pulse, diuretics do also, plus they relieve the fluid that otherwise can accumulate, affecting the heart lining and the lungs, and even cause breathing problems.

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