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Can a 10 year old take a sleep aid?
My daughter, 10, is having a hard time sleeping. I was wondering if I can give her a sleeping pill? I have Doxylamine succinate 25mg pills

yea im 11 and was 10 taking sleeping pills

Go to Walgreens, or CVS or whatever you have nearby, and get a nighttime cold medicine for kids. Or, you can check the dosage on Benadryl. Both work great. And are safe. But if it's an ongoing problem, you really should talk to her pediatrician, and if she doesn't have one, get her one.

yeah, ask a doc first, and if you can't reach a doc, then give her a REALLY SMALL dose, like try only half a pill at first and see if it works out. half a pill shouldn't do anything to bad, and she'd be asleep real soon.

All meds like that usually state that children under 12 should only take that stuff when advised by a doctor. I would not give her anything like that until a doctor has said so.

Lou Lou
I would not recommend it...If she continues I would talk to her doc I am sure they can tell ya what to do...

Colin C
yes but you should probebly cut it in have to lesin some of the efect or she will be really grogy in the morning, also make shere its not a reguler thing thats not good for anyone

Absolutely not.

You're better off just giving her some children's benadryl. That'll do the trick and it's safe for kids.

-Ashley Renea-

GURU - Gee yoU aRe yoU
Over the counter sleep aides...no. If you believe her condition is severe enough i'd contact your doctor and discuss some perscription sleep aides. Benedryl has natural components that relax adn help induce sleep.

Why don't you ask children's protective services.

❂ ❃ ❄ ❅ ❆sydney ❇ ❈ ❉ ❊ ❋
im 12 i don't listen to people saying it's not good for me i took twice the recomended dose because i was in pain and coudn't sleep

sophia s
NO ! Never give sleeping pills to an under age kid , I used to take sleeping pills and the next I felt suicidal so inmagine how the kid is going to feel the next day and in top of that some people get addicted to sleeping pills. Why would you want to give sleeping pills to a kid anyways but you should ask a DR

Kristin Lee
Maybe you should call your Doctor ! Not be asking people on Yahoo answers.

when I was 8 I remember I took this pill for sleeping and it was intense... there were soo many images popping up when I closed my eyes... I thought i was hallucinating.... in my mind(haha insane in the membrane!) but yeah.. don't do it.

Absolutely NO sleeping pills!!!

Use Children's Gravol instead.... and the proper dose... never give them any more than it says.

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