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Burst appendix deadly?
If someone has to have their appendix removed would it otherwise kill them if they didn't have it removed?

It is messy and will kill you.

very! because gangrene from the inflamed appendix will go to your abdominal cavity and will infect all the organ in you abdomen and you will die of sepsis!

Yes the infection from the burst appendix will kill you.

Yes, a burst appendix can be deadly. I had Appendicitis when I was 14- luckily my appendix was removed before it burst. An appendix needs to be removed when it has become infected. The infection is localized to the appendix (it's only in the appendix) however, if the appendix bursts- which it will, if not removed) the infection will spread throughout the body as well as pieces of the appendix and the contects bowel - this can cause all sorts of complications like toxicity and becoming septic, and a burst appendix is very difficult to clean, as it will get everywhere in your body.

Oh yes. A ruptured appendix causes peritonitis in your abdomen. Extremely dangerous.

it's very dangerous it your appendix bursts inside of you

Your appendix is an offshoot of your intestines. So when it burst all of the material from your intestines goes into your body cavity and all of the bacteria and other stuff can get into your blood stream and can easily and quickly kill you. That is why when you have a problem with your appendix they operate immediately, and if it has burst there is a higher chance that you will not survive even with surgery.

burst appendix will kill you!

Shannon F
i think it can

Papa John
Burst appendix is deadly, yes.

Ren Hoek
Emergency surgery ASAP to save their life!!

A burst appendix is serious because it spreads stool into the abdominal cavity resulting in infection through your body and you get VERY ill. Without medication and removal you will die. My sister in law refused to allow her daughter to have surgery and her appendix burst, even with IV antibiotics she almost died before my brother overruled and the surgery was done. The bowel contents and infection spread all through her abdominal cavity and caused adhesions. She still has lots of physical problems from the ordeal. If you need surgery get it. If you think you don't need it, get a second opinion from another doctor.

resimc 2
Once the appenxis get inflamed , it got to be removed.
otherwise it will progresss to abscess & then it will rupture & then will kill the poor guy (the appendix that killed a man).

NO if you still have your appendix it will not kill you, but if it does bursts it becomes life threatening due to the toxins it is flushing out the system. I am 34 years and i still have mine.

Sometimes the body can "wall off" the infection and the person will survive, but that's the exception, not the rule. Most will die without surgery and antibiotics, and even then I've known of people who died anyway!

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