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Blacking out when standing up?
Does this happen to anyone? When you stand up quickly and you black out and fall over? what is this called?

Pink Bubbles
happens to me from time to time, which is a sign that my blood pressure is too low.....
but rather than took medications, i usually eat food that is traditionally known to rise blood pressure (in my country):
goat's meat n liver satay....delicious!!

Mahesh N
It is low BP only as already replied.. Low BP is cuserd by less of blood sugar that is glucose in the body..Eat lots of sweet foods and have a good meal.. In case there is indigestion contact your doctor.. The immediate solution is to purchse a packet of Glucon D and drink it mixed with water after going through the literature..

This may be caused by the difference in b.p.when standing & sitting.The b.p. may significently drop when standing up quickly.Suggest a visit to the docs to get it checked out.May be something else going on.

Lisa B
It happened to me all the time, until I learned to stop getting up so fast... Seriously - slow down

paul y
i get vertigo when i stand up due to my meds i take for high blood pressure .. 120/80 should be about normal but have someone take your blood pressure in the a.m. and also in the p.m.

Ooohh scary when that happens isn't it! That's been happening to me lately. I was told that it can be an indication of low blood sugar.

Reva P
It's called positional hypertension.

See a doctor.

You ned to have your blood pressure checked as soon as possible!


Its called orthostatic hypotension. You could have low blood pressure. You could be hypovolemic (low blood volume). See a doctor

Kimberly H
Low blood pressure, the quick movement, makes the blood rush, and you feel very faint and dizzy, if this happens often, there is medication for it, if it is just occasionally, then try to remember to get up slowly, so that you don't get that sudden rush.

Snow Bunny
Low blood pressure. Your blood carries oxygen to the brain, when you stand up too fast your blood pressure isn't strong enough to fight the gravity that is keeping the blood from your brain - causing you to pass out.

See a doctor as soon as you can.

its called getting up too fast...you need to give your equilibrium a chance to catch up....so get up slowly ...

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