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Blacking out and feeling dizzy when I stand up?
This has been happening a lot lately. I'll stand up, take a few steps and then have to stop and lean against something because my vision goes almost completely black and I get really dizzy. It's been getting worse lately and I'm afraid I'm gonna faint or something. Do these sound like symptoms to something, maybe diabetes? Idk.
Additional Details
Oh yeah I just checked my blood pressure, its fine, so I dunno. I guess its not that! Argh this is so confusing.

See a doctor if it happens frequently. If it is just occasionally, just try not to stand too quickly.

Could be a sinus infection. that makes you very dizzy and can make you black out if not treated.

go to a doctor it seems abnormal good luck

I'm sorry, but you go see the Doctor right away. Don't get over worried the odds are it's not serious serious, but you do need to have it looked at.

I had that problem too and the doctor told me it was from low blood pressure. You really should go get checked out by the doctor though maybe different.

Drink more water, you could be dehydrated also. Call your doctor as well, it could mean other things.


Your blood pressure may be too low.....Go see the doc

Happens to me. I don't know.

inner ear infection, high blood pressure....
GO SEE A DOCTOR as soon as possible
Take care!

Poor circulation, possibly. Do you smoke, or drink a butt-load of coffee?

that happens to me alot too but im usualy not too dizzy I can usually just walk with my eyes blacked out! but you should probubly see a doctor. In the mean time try not to stand up too quickly after sitting down for a long time.

It happeneds to me too. my mom told me to drink lots of water and i am getting better. so i guess you are just dehydrated. if it doesn't get any better then go see the doctor

granny turtle

Sounds like low blood pressure but go see your doctor.

It could be low blood pressure. you should see a doctor about it if you haven't already.

The dizziness you feel when you stand up quickly is caused by a decrease in blood flow to the brain. Inside your body you have several major arteries—the biggest one is called the aorta. When you are sitting down, the arteries and the blood vessels in your legs are bent in various positions. When you stand up, those major vessels become straight, kind of like a garden hose, and gravity takes a lot of blood towards your toes. Normally the body responds by pushing the blood through the circulatory system with more force (greater pressure) to overcome the effects of gravity. But if all factors that govern blood pressure are not "in sync" (and you’ve been sitting for a long while), the increase in blood pressure will not be fast enough and you will feel dizzy. I reccomend getting up slowly.

Rachel 410
You might have low blood pressure, or on the lower range of normal.

just get up slower

This started happening to me about a year and a half ago. One day when I had been sick I was laying in bed, I got up going to walk to the kitchen and get some medicine. I blacked out and felt very dizzy. I made it to the kitchen but once there my mom gave me some medicine to take (just like Tylenol because I had the fever with the flu like sickness) while walking back to my room I blacked out again and fainted. My parents freaked out and called the doctor that lives down the street from us. He came over and looked at me. My parents were ready to take me to the emergency room. The doctor concluded that when I first got out of my bed and stood up that all my blood rushed from my brain to my feet. This caused me to blackout and feel very dizzy. Part of the reason why this happened was because I was dehydrated. This may be your problem. Dehadration can cause this. I went to my doctor and she believed that the doctor down the street from was right. They did a blood test I think but never found anything. It would be best to check with your doctor although, never know could be something different for you.
I still suffer every once in a while...but not much at all... from getting up too quickly. (the blood rushing from my brain to feet) When this happens I simply sit back down and wait until I no longer feel this way. It always help to
eat something and drink something with electrolights like Gatorade.

Hope this helps you!! You should probably to your doctor just for them to check it out although.

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