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Been prescribed diazepam 2mg for flight will it knock me out?
got 10 hr flight on friday and am petrified, dr gave me diazepam, how soon before flight do i take it and what will it do to me? how long will effects last

Minimal side effects. I would advise you take it a couple of hours before you board the plane. It should just take the edge off your anxiety. Good luck.

2mg is a low dose it will relax you, don't take more or you could embarrass yourself as it can disinhibit you!
Take it on the plane and after four hours it may wear off but if you are not used to it it may not need second dose,
should be OK after 10 hours, the effects wearing off by 8 hours, it is the initial relaxing effect you need , then go with it .
Bon Voyage!

It will not knock you out. It will make you feel relaxed. take it about half an hour before you fly and then another one 5 hours later, this should see you alright

Long Time Man
You lucky thing. Diazepam rocks.

You should notice the effects quite quickly if you have not used them commonly before. It will relax you a lot and make you feel like slighlty numb - like a good alcohol buzz.

If you have any left over when you return I'll gladly take them off your hands.

sharon a
Valium has a calming effect and can make you sleep. Medications normally take about 30-40 minutes to be effective. Your reaction to this as with any medication is individual and depends on your tolerance.

My wife took some prescribed Diazapan for a 10 hour flight some years back. 20 minutes from touchdown she awoke and asked me "how much longer". Did`nt eat or go to the loo. I`ve never known such a peaceful 10 hours.
She took them some 2-3 hours before the flight and found them very relaxing. Probably affects people in different ways but will certainly do the trick for you

fred flintstone

2mg is a small does it will just take the edge off your anxiety take Harv hour before you fly

It usually takes most pills 20 to 30 minutes to start working, so I would say take it as soon as you find your seat. Depending on what size you are, 2mgs might knock you out. I've been prescribed 0.1 mgs for restless legs at night. That usually drifts me off quite nicely. I take them occasionally. I am about 5'7", and weigh around 160 pds.

Wait till you are on the plane before taking it and no it will not knock you out but make you very relaxed and slightly tired. Enjoy your flight it is so much safer than going anywhere by car or train.

Clyde Banks
Lucky you

nurse erin
did the dr. only give you 1 tab? if so, i would take it just as you are getting to the airport, don't wait and take it on the plane. you want it to begin working prior to the flight, especially if it is the accual flight that is the problem for you. have you ever taken valium before? if not, i hope you have someone with you...just in case. alot of meds and their effects depend on the dosage and your weight. good luck!

Your doc should have told you when to take them, but I would wait until you have cleared customs etc, in case they affect you too strongly. You dont want to miss your flight because customs say you are too drowsy! When taken orally, they have an effect quite quickly, so leave it until last minute.

They should make you feel very very relaxed, not a care in the world, possibly make you sleep, it really depends. They affect some people very strongly, not so much others. They are commonly used for anxiety, they are a muscle relaxant and you may find you dont remember much about the flight, this is normal.

He has given you the right thing, I use it when I go to the dentist as i am petrified of dentists, and I can happily sit in the chair, eyes closed, totally relaxed and drowsy. With me, they take about 30 minutes to kick in, its quite a quick reaction, so please leave it until as late as possible.

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