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Are cotton swabs (q-tips) bad for your ears?
I heard something about they compact your ear wax, is this true? should I be sticking anything into my ears?

The only thing thats inportant is that your ears are clean and no its not bad for you.

i dont think its bad. as long as it takes the wax out, its all good

My doctor tells me that usually people are only pushing the wax further into your ear canal. Recently friends of ours found these ear candles. Heard of them? They sound kinda weird, but are so much fun! Below is a website on how they work. Once you're done and pull them out of your ears, the entire inside of the candle is full of all of the nasty wax and gunk in your ear. They are less than $3 a piece and can be found at most stores where therapy and spa products are sold. They are kinda weird...but I promise you will LOVE it if trying to clean your ears. :)

My ear Dr told me it was bad, but i do it anyways. It's not like im jamming it in there. And it's better than what the Chinese do, they get these long metal things and actually scoop out the earwax! **Pukes**

your not supposed to be friggin sticking q tips in your ear anyway u dumbo. just on the outside part

You are suppose to only used them outside the ear not the innner ear. However, the majority of society use q-tips inside and outside the ear.

sweetness #1
yes, world of voice control,
q-tips are bad for your ears if you put them in too far.
also if the q-tip is moist it will not compact your ear wax

Dr. Oz who, on the Ophra show says, "Q tips shove the wax down into the ear." He says, "use mineral oil to get the wax out."
Do not use Q-Tips.

Roy M
i have always advised people never to stick anything bigger than your elbow in your ear. yes, q-tips can cause the wax in your ears to become "impacted" and cause you to get an infection. worse yet you could puncture your ear drum and even make you deaf

Susan B
I LOVE q-tips. technically you aren't supposed to stick them completely in your ear, just to the openin of the ear canal and use a circular motion to remove wax. Other than q-tips or the tongue of your sweetheart, I wouldn't stick anything else in your ear.

don't put them far in your ears. you can get ear infections!!!

A Girl
what else would you clean your ears with? they're not that bad.

although, be careful when cleaning deep inside...make sure it is always wet (the q-tip) no matter how you get it wet..even spit works! just make sure it is wet, because what sometiems happens is when you go too deep sometimes the cotton ball from the q-tip (or whatever it is called.) gets stuck inside...if it's not wet. happened to me..i was deaf for about a week. had to go to a doctor so he could flush it out..it was really really bad. don't let that happen to you.

The rule of thumb is that you should never stick anything smaller than your elbow into your ear.

Yes, I know from personal experience that q-tips can compact your ear wax. I know for personal experience because I had to pay an unexpected doctor bill to have a chunk of wax that was completely blocking my ear canal removed because I originally attempted to use a q-tip to clean it out.

Go to the local pharmacy and get an ear wax kit. It consists of a bulb syringe for squirting a stream of water into your ear and some drops that gently loosen wax so it can be flushed out.

scott p
They will compact the ear wax. You could cause damage to the eardrum. Never stick any object into your ear. A doctor can clean them with a peroxide solution and water bulb.

Yes, they are bad for your ears. I saw a special on TV and the doctor said Q-tips should be used for applying/removing make up, NOT for your ears. It can cause damage. Ask your doctor to clean your ears.

Jerry P
They can be.
Ideally they can be used to mop up the junk that your ear *naturally* moves to the outside. If you stick swabs into the canal you risk pushing the wax, which is mostly cellular debris, back in and packing it down so it can't be moved easily by the natural action of the ear's cleaning mechanism. The other risk, if you go too deep, is damaging the eardrum or causing abrasions and possibly infection in the canal (otitis externa).

I was always told that you should never stick anything smaller than your little finger in your ear. Anything smaller can cause damage.

yes they are bad. its ok to clean the outer part of your ear but you shouldnt stick it inside the hole of your ear because it will push all the earwax towards the end and damage your hearing. if you want to properly clean the inside of your ears, go to your doctor for help.

you should have your doctor clean them when you go in for a check up.

I used to do that too. Evebtually I went to my ear nose and throat Dr. and he had to clean out my ears. It was quite painful. But he did tell me that your ears will clean themselves out, just use something to wash away the junk that you can see and not to use Q-tips. Let me tell you, after i went to him my hearing was so much better, the first couple of days crumpling of chip bags hurt my ears. Well, I hope this helps you.

Tatyana H

Blunt Honesty
Only a problem if you use them every day. They should be used occasionally only to remove excess wax and should not be shoved into your ear.

don't stick them in the ear canal as yes it will impact ear wax against your ear drum; Q tips are for the outer ear and basically thats it; there are solutions you can buy at pharmacies to remove ear wax or you can use a drop of peroxide (it will bubble and you will "hear" it but it should not be painful but it is annoying as heck) and you can also use regular white distilled vinegar; a drop in each ear, let it drain and it should clear the ear wax up. HOWEVER!! if you know that you have a hole in your eardrum... do not put ANY liquids into your ear with out first asking a doctor.

My mother always told me to never stick anything smaller than my elbow in my ear. lol

I believe the box says not to put them in to your ears...but I do.

Information Police
The only thing you should stick in your ear is your elbow.

yes they are, I've even been told that by doctors.
Using Q-tips on your ears supposedly pushes the earwax further into your ear later on causing an impaction, so it wouldnt be smart to use them for your ears.

yeah its true that they can push ear wax further into your ears.

you should only clean the outter ear with them, the inner ear should be flushed by a doctor because, yes, they compact ear wax into the ear.

Sweet n Sour
It is said that you shouldn't stick anything in your ear that is smaller than your elbow.

My daughter just got scolded by the doctor for using q tips and compacting her ear wax. You can use q tips for cleaning the outer areas of your ears, but not for pushing inside the ear drum. To clean out your ear, stand in the shower and point your ear towards the water flow, while pulling down on your earlobe to help the warm water get inside your ear canal.

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