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 What are all the symptoms that go along with kidney stones?
can they also go undected on ct scans?
Additional Details
my symptoms have been pain in kidney area,hip,groin, and even legs hurt seems to be worse when i move around....

 Is it possible there may not be a cure for AIDs or HIV or any other uncureable dieseases?

 Do african americans get lice easier ?
because they dont wash their hair as much as other ppl do
Additional Details
i only asked this question becaus eone of my friends said to n im not raciest we are just curios im only 13 ...

 Do i have an ulcer?please respond immediatly.?
ok i've been eating hot chips since i was 5 years old im 13 now every time i get hungury my stomach stars burning i i just got used to it a couple days ago i had a bag of hot chips and the ...

 Emergency!!! help me please...?
ive been throwing up and having bad diharriea since last night at 3 am...everything is liquefied, or just plain water coming out of me. i cant drink a sip of water without throwing up double what i ...

 How do you get rid of hiccups if nothing else works?
I always get the hiccups and nothing I do gets rid of them. What can I do to get rid of them?


I have the hiccups now too!...

 My friend's mum has been steadily going blind over the last 6 weeks?
Even a couple of weeks ago she could read, but now she is almost totally blind and can't be left alone. She has had blood tests and had an MRI scan today. Both eyes are affected and she does ...

 Is there a connection between constipation and headaches?

 I have a blood clot, how do I get disability when my Dr. tells me to quit my job?

Additional Details
I have Thrombophilia it is hereditary and only gets worse....

 Emergency!!!!! For the past week or so everytime I go to the bathroom and I wipe blood is on there.?
And I'm not on my period....

 I suspect this girl at work is on drugs?
She's grinds her teeth, she's paranoid, she's really combative, obsessive-compulsive about stuff that doesn't need to be messed with, she goes on power trips and thinks she can do ...

 I feel pain in back but its not severe.doctor say its kidney pain.what could be the reason of pain?

 My boss shot a nail through his thumb with a nail gun, what are the odds of it getting severely infected?
Supposedly, the nail went clean through the fleshy part. It happened on the weekend, and he said that today his thumb is white and puffy (throbbing) and it smells.
He hasn't gone to the ...

 What should I do to preven a sweat at arm pits?

 Is it true that cell phones cause brain cancer and other brain-related injures or diseases?
I don't really think it's true but then again I'm not a doctor!...

 Is it normal, to feel like your losing your mind sometimes?

 Very thirsty child?
I have been suspecting that my child is diabetic for a while because he always seems really thirsty and drinks a lot.
I asked my doctor and she says she cant see any other symptoms at all and ...

 What disease does this sound like?
Blurred vision
increased urination
increased thirst
increased hunger

 Need to get rid of lice eggs im my daughters hair, please help!?
We have already tried the combs and right now were using the shampoo and it worked for a couple days and now theres even more eggs.Theres no more adults only baby ones that just hatched. Should we ...

 Vomiting and stomach feeling sick...food poisoning?
I feel good, but my stomach does not. I had some greasy chicken from a local restaurant and I just woke up...felt really sick to my stomach...and vomited. Now my stomach's settling down some, ...

Will spiders lay eggs inside a human body?

In the Movie Arachnaphobia!



Thin Kaboudit

How would they survive as eggs, or hatch without being consumed by your own white blood cells?

Basically, I'd say no. I can't even think of any spiders that lay egges inside another creature anyway. Maybe trapdoor spiders, but I forget. Spiders lay eggs in their web. The eggs aren't designed to be protected inside a body.

sort you life out i suggest you get councelling but if that ever happend to me id be on the toilet shitting them little buggers out

i know a girl that went to florida and when she returned home she had a absessed gum she went to the dentist he cut it open and hundreds of baby spiders came oozing out this is a true story

yeah in the grooves of you brain.

it is possible but mostly no. when they enter they'll just give you deseases because it will die and maybe be digested. and if it carries eggs...... well you done for.

I have heard of a spider that does. My cousin is in the army and one of his friends was stationed in Georgia. This spider(I don't know what kind it was)layed eggs in his arm. The guy didn't know what was wrong at first. He went to the doctor because his skin was dying around the area. And he found out that this spider lays eggs under the skin and the babies actually feed on the dying skin. That's the story I heard. Whether it's really true or not I don't know.

Hey, anything is possible. I was watching Untold Stories in the ER on the TLC channel and this lady had bugs inside her scalp.

Another had worms in her wrists. (She was crazy-- she stuck them there herself)

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