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o forgot to tell you she just turned three i shove them in her pill she gags and throws she taste it in food ...

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 I'm dealing with a mother in law who refused her meds and told the nurse...?
never ot come back, won't take her coumadin (blood thinner) and now her legs have holes in them (on the calves) and are seeping blood and pus. I had been going over to take her meds to her and ...

 My dad is trying to kill himself?
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he is drinking himself into comas and passing out, falling down, soiling himself. ...

 Please read, and help me.Im feeling sick..?
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I have a headache

Stuffy nostril and the other one is runny.

My lips are chaped.

My stomache hurts.

 Can stress make you lose your appetite? And nauseous?
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 Is this a sleeping disorder?
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 How to get info to girl with hiccups?
I KNOW for a fact how to cure this. How can I get the info to her M.D. or her family? I am an R.N. and worked with a neurosurgeon on this issue. It is a terrible condition and she needs help!...

Will i need crutches after ingrown toenail surgery?

Rolando Mactavish V
You'll need a full body cast

I had 4 toenails "removed" at the same time, 2 on each foot....no crutches needed. Just alot of Epsom's salt for soaking. You will probably get some funky looking shoe thingy to wear. I wore mine about 3 days and then started wearing over sized house slippers, even to work. Be sure to soak everyday, use any ointments they give you, keep the bandages on and wear white cotton socks. I was well enough to wear regular shoes in about a month with no complications and I am a type 2 diabetic. I hope this helped.

Rocky W
Yes it is better if you have them. My son was on crutches for over a week. He had both big toes operated on at the same time. Good luck.

No, Ive had this done several times and never needed crutches, they usually just bandage it up after clipping the nail out, it will be a little sore though, but it's tolerable, just dont wear closed toed shoes.

they will give you som much equiptment you will look like you got in a life threating car accident. then they charge your insuance company for it.

No, but they might give you a special shoe to wear for a bit.

depends on how big of a wuss you are

Are you serious? The answer is NO.

More than likely, no. But a word of advice that no one gave me...take a cane with you.

Paul P
No. But your toe will hurt for awhile.

most likely not the doctor will give you a foot boot for you to walk in...keep it dry and stay off the foot as much as possible....

‚ô• lani s
Such surgery is too far to need crutches.(Noy unless you are doing surgery on both feet then perhaps you may opt to use crutches temporarily which is very least likely). It is a very minor surgery just like having injury during a pedicure. All you will need is preferably wide and front-open sandals or slippers to wear on for about a week or so after surgery. Just learn how to limp temporarily. After surgery, be careful of the places you step on and be highly cautious of who are near you protecting your toes not to be stepped on. Antibiotics will he prescribed for you most commonly and some pain killers perhaps. Take care!‚ô•

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