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Will drinking water flush out cocaine from your system for a ua?
just wondering


very, very, educational. See the home remedies and why they don't work-section. They also offer the best suggestions to pass.

= ) ( =
stop doing coke and you wouldn't be asking these questions.

No. Nothing can speed the process of getting drugs out of your system. The time it takes to clear out depends on your metabolism. However, if you don't use cocaine often, it only takes 2-3 days to clear out of the system for the average person.

Coke stays in your system from 3-5 days. This is partly because of the residue in your nose (if you take it that way) that continues to get absorbed over a period of 24 hours after you stop using. Drinking lots of water, bathing, washing your face, even sniffing some saline water (hurts less than pure h20) WILL help dilute it for a UA, but those alkaloids will show up and be detected for a minimum of 3 days after your last use.

Oh, a chewable vitamin C or multivitamin tablet an hour before your test will give it some color, if you have been flushing for a few days...

I was a MedLab Technologist for a large medical firm near a University campus. Many people were sent up there for testing, one reason or the other. So many had all these home remedies about this. I knew them all.

If I had an idea this is what happen, flushing, I was authorized to hold that person for several hours until I had a clean sample. It's pretty easy to tell if you has been monking around with mother nature.

It was always a challange working around these young people and wondering what they were going to come up with next.

i think there are better ways to do it, apparently you can get something from health food shops to do it, just ask. something like apple vinegars helps too.

Jessica ♥
awhh you shouldn't be doing drugs.

No,traces of cocaine will still show up as it is absorbed by your blood and other organs.

No, you're screwed. Get off the coke. Yes, we all know Robin Williams was funnier when he was on the coke, but you're not Robin Williams and you're not making millions trying to be funny.

...or...are you?

Missing my Soldier
No... drinking water will not flush cocaine from your system. however it only takes about 3 days for Cocaine to not be registered in your system through a ua.

Mikel H
Probably not because it gets in your blood stream.

after about 3 days

Nope. In fact, if you drink lots of water, the person who takes your sample will easily know you attempted to dilute your urine, because it will be very pale. It's a dead giveaway. But it still won't hide the cocaine, pot, heroine, opiates, or benzodiazapines in anybody's system. Also, don't waste your money on those health food store kits. I do urine drug screens EVERYDAY where I work. We do them on people who have accidents at work, people who come in for mental health evaluations, or sometimes for people applying for jobs. We know all the tricks. All you have to do is submit a suspicious sample. That's about as good as a positive.

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