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kid pink
Why would my breath smell like feces?
No, I haven't been eating poop but my boyfriend says my breath smells like I have been! What do I do? Help!

damn you either have been eating feces or your bf is just mean. got get a bottle of listerine now, and make a dentists appointment asap!!!

Tim Br
Get your teeth cleaned, brush & floss often.

♫♪♫♪Music-is-My Superman♪♫♪♫♪♫:D
youve havent been eating poop youve been eating garbage
just go see your dentist and see what the problem is

r u seriuos thats funny

listerine and brush twice. its your gums and your tongue, get a tongue scrape.

It's called halitosis. It can come directly from your mouth, tonsils, nose, gums, or even your stomach and other systemic illnesses. It usually comes from gum disease, tooth decay or something you ate or usually eat (ie: garlic) emitting it's smell from your stomach during digestion. Change your diet, brush & floss better, or even switch toothpastes. Hopefully it isn't tonsil or systemic related or else you might need to see a doctor.

This could be an actual disease...can't think of what it is called but it is caused by bacteria your dentist will be able to prescribe an exact mouth wash to treat it. It is an actual prescription as well as an actual problem. Good luck, oh and tell your man his feet smell like fish! :)

guinea girl
Bad breath can be caused by decayed teeth. Brush your teeth regularly and see a dentist. When you brush your teeth, brush your tongue too as food particles stick in the surface of the tongue. Avoid strong foods like garlic and onion. If you continue to have a problem, you could have a lung infection, but this is extremely unlikely.

Not to sound disgusting, but some people do actually have an emesis (puke) containing bile (feces). Usually if you have an impaction in your bowels and haven't had a bowel movement it comes out the other end. If this would be the case, you need to see a doctor ASAP! I'm serious, I'm a nurse and I have seen this happen before. But also you could have some kind of infection or abcess in one or some of your teeth?? Hope this helps.

last action hero
Chew some gum and get a new boyfriend! I'm single...

Congratulation you have a straightforward boy for boyfriend.Most people don't have the gumption to tell a friend they have bad breath .
Do you floss your teeth daily ? do you brush ?
check your tonsils for little white spots . That is most likely the culprit.Rinse with mouthwash before you go to see him.
Chewing gum helps a lot and see a dentist ,you could have cavities.

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