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Why is my urine so dark?
My urine is like orange/ yellow dark though.

you may not know it, but you are dehydrated,you need to drink a lot more

You need to drink more water. Honestly the more water you drink the better. Urine should be a very faint yellow.

all the other answers are good and right ,but what was left out ,could be from medication=sorry isageegee

You are probably not drinking enough water , try drinking more and see how you go

drink more water.
use less alcohol/drugs/meat/sugar/candy/tobacco
eat alkalizing vegetables
rice wheat healthy stuff
and don't deep fry or microwave everything

Baby Dolls
~The obvious answer is drink water, and lots of it. If you don't, you could get a bladder infection. Trust me, they are not at all pleasant.~

college gurl
You must drink lots and lots of water and then it will lighten up. The more water you drink the lighter it gets. You know when your urine is white or a light yellow you're drinking an efficient amount of water.

Drinda C
Do you have any other medical problems? Sounds like you may be dehydrated. Get some water into your system! Flush the kidneys.

The other answers are right on...I have a transplanted kidney...trust me, dehydration among other things are very hard on your kidneys.

A doctor should look at you if this continues...it can get incredibly serious if left alone.

Because you're dehydrated...not drinking enough water, and drinking too much sodas

Human urine is clear to amber in color, and usually is a light yellow.
Unusual coloration
* Yellowing/light Orange may be caused by removal of excess B vitamins from the bloodstream.
* Bloody urine is termed hematuria and is a symptom that requires medical attention. (This could also be a sign of a bladder infection, which also requires medical attention)
* Dark orange to brown urine can be a symptom of jaundice or Gilbert's syndrome.
* Black or dark-colored urine is referred to as melanuria and may be caused by a melanoma.
* Reddish or brown urine may be caused by porphyria.
If you have any doubt, test your urine for routine analysis in a clinical laboratory.

its because your dehydrated, or it can be due to the things that you eat or medicine that you take

that means that you're not drinking enough fluids, particularly water. drink more and you'll see the change.

5th of Tuesday
Drink more liquids. Drink!

you need to drink more water.

If you are on medications of any kind, some might make your
urine orange......

If you are not drinking enough H2O you may need to start now
cause your urine is too concentrated.

I would suggest a urinalysis to rule out an (uti) urinary tract
infection requiring antibiotics......

Hope you see your doc, NOW.....

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