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Why is my ear swollen?
my right ear feels swollen inside and hurts whenever i touch it
i can hear ok and have never had problems with my ears.
Additional Details
i have been putting earphones in my ears so they hurt sometimes. My ears are qiute small to put things in so....

You could have been bitten by a bug. I would go to emergency and have it treated. Let it go and you could lose the hearing in that ear.

The fact you can hear ok but it feels swollen puzzles me. Could phone nhs direct for advice (type nhs direct into net for number) or see your GP

Do you mean inside the actual ear, or inside of the outside, surrounding the actual ear.

If it's the actual inside, then it may be an ear infection and you HAVE to see a doctor before it causes actual damage to your ear.

If it's the outside, on the skin, there is a good chance that it is an allergic reaction to your hair care products. I have had this happen before. Stop using anything but shampoo until this is done, and get a natural shampoo to use for the time being. Take a warm washcloth and hold it against your ear to get rid of all the "toxins."

Could be just as simple as a zit. They're common there and most painful there, just keep an eye on it, if it's just at the opening you can try pimple cream or just leave it alone it will go away on it's own. Don't irritate it, they take longer to heal that way.

maybe you have an ear infection

Call you doctor ASAP and tell him what's going on.

Yes I have had a similar experience, it was the Ear shell, that was swollen achy and somewhat itchy. Later as I moved my bed to clean and change the sheets I have indeed found a bug under the bed. . and immediately stepped on this critter, until it was dead. I treated the ear shell with alcohol, cleaning the area, and in time it got well. Depending on what kind of possible bug bite this may be , yes it would be good to have it looked at either by your Physican or in the ER at your local Hospital. They will advise you how to treat it .

go to the gp and get anti biotics such as amoxycillian. I had the same thing but i left it too long and now have permanent damage to my ear. I went on a plane and it made it ten times worse. get it sorted now, an ear infection that is left is so so painful, the whole side of my face was swollen so bad, i couldn't even wear sunglasses or a hat!

MAC is My Love
lol, this has happened to me twice and both for different reason. I have no idea why i remember it thought. Anyway, try to think back to the past couple days, have you like stuck anything in your ear that shouldn't have been there like a key (my dad does that) or even your own finger, ears are really sensitive so really anything can agitate them. Or you might just have an inner ear infection, but whatever it is, if it doesn't go away with a day or two, I'd say just go see your doctor.

ur forcing the ear plus in so they are swelling try the ones that u sit on the outside of ur ears so it doesent happen coz it can become infected and trust me an ear infection is bloody sore lol

OK I'm sorry I hit you.
I'll come and kiss it better!

deb j
I do believe if that doesn't go away shortly you had better see a doctor. He'll take a look in your ear & they can pretty quicklly tell what is going on from an ear infection to a buildup of wax. Are you dizzy sometimes too. I usually get that with any ear problems I have.

Ears are very delicate. If the earphones hurt that is enough to make them red and hot and a bit swollen. Try resting from the earphones and see if it settles. Otherwise it could be a sign of infection within the ear.

Lost and found
Could just be a spot inside your ear - they are reeeeeeally sore, but they do go away again.

if you have earphones in alot, maybe you blew your ear drum and it got infected.
seek medial advice.

there could be few causes but most commonly, its otitis externa meaning infection or inflammation of ear canal which can cause ear canal to swell lot of pain and reduced hearing as a consequence, or 2nd you can get Furunculosis or boil in your ear canal, both these needs treating with antibiotics and strong painkillers.
1, oral antibiotics like flucloxacillin
2, ear drops with antibiotics i them
3, if its very bad, you may need to see ENT specialist who can clean your ears and put ointment or small wick containing medication, which will cure the problems

BUT don't forget to see GP/DOCTOR to get it checked out

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