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Why is it that when I stand up I feel light-headed?
Almost every time I get up after sitting or laying for an extended period of time I feel very dizzy and my eyes go dark for about 30 seconds after which I feel fine. It seems to have been getting worse since I noticed it around a year ago, and it has gotten to the point where as soon as I get up I nearly fall over again or have to hold on to something to keep from losing my balance. My father told me that I may have low blood pressure that causes the amount of blood supplied to my head to go down. I wanted to know if this in fact what it could be and whether or not I should be worried.

Sounds like low blood sugar to me. Have a glass of orange juice; this might help. Be careful, OK?

When you have been laying down for a period of time your body adjusts, and blood flow to your brain does not have to overcome the effects of gravity. When you stand up suddenly you body must compensate for the effects of gravity. Your arterial walls contract, your heart rate may increase momentarily, and other methods of compensation keep the blood flowing to your brain.

When this system of compensation goes a little haywire the symptoms you have described can occur. If can be from a drop in blood pressure, or a drop in heart rate, or a combination of these. Depending upon the exact mecahnism of dysfunction various condition names are used such as orthostatic hypotension and neurocardiogenic syncope are a couple of these.

Treatment is often managed by a cardiologist. Drug therapy, dietary modifications, or even pacemaker implantation may be considered to address the problem depending upon severity.

The symptoms you have described are relatively common, though it can lead to temporary loss of consciousness. To limit these symptoms you might consider standing in stages. Spend a few minutes sitting before you stand when getting out of bed, for example.

it normal blood pressure drops then goes back to normal. at times when i go in to a bright place i loose my vision.. but the doctor told me its because my eyes get usedto the dark that when a dramatic change of lights happen my pupils constic for a while like thirty seconds or so. first then dialate again to see normal... it happend this morning in fact...

omg that happens to me but on a much lighter scale than that

when i get up i just feel light headed and dizzy for about 5 seconds

im not sure if it's getting worse

i say go to ur doctor right away

This isn't normal but on the other hand it isn't abnormal either. I might guess your a teen-ager and I'm guessing your not eating real good, junk food all the time or skipping meals. The "30 seconds" is probably more like 3 or 4 seconds. It's from the blood leaving your head area while you stand and then going back, with a slight dizziness.
When you get up from now on, rise slower, take your time, you'll notice the difference. Good luck.

Could be low blood pressure, a circulation problem, or something more serious... If you can afford a visit to the doctor, I highly recommend it.

Alissa D had better go back and take some more courses. It is NOT normal because you say you have had this condition for a year!! It is low blood pressure, basically. It is dangerous and you are lucky you haven't been hurt by it - falling down, or fainting while driving. See a doctor ASAP.

I have low blood pressure and get this. Worried? Not really, there isn't too much you can do about it. Try to get up slower.

I had a similar problem, but it isn't so bad anymore. I think it has something to do with low blood pressure like your father said. At least, that is what I have always been told. Try drinking more water and small snacks during the day as if you were a diabetic and see if that helps. I don't think there is any real reason for concern. You'll be fine. Although, if you feel it really is getting worse and nothing makes it better - I would go see your Doctor to see what his or her professional opinions are.

Low blood pressure or low blood sugar are what leap to mind, both of which are easily treatable. If you have a recurrent problem with lightheadedness and fainting/near fainting episodes, a visit to your doctor would seem indicated, and they can help you out. In the meantime, just be cautious and take it slow while standing up: the faintness is not necessarily bad for you, but you can be injured if you fall.

alissa d
It is most likely orthostatic hypotension, and it's normal. It happens when blood suddenly rushes away from your head...most people experience this every now and then (I have too). If you are worried see your doctor, but this actually sounds pretty normal to me.

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