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Why does my stomach hurts after i drink a cup of coffee?
my mom says
because i eat a lot

n that supposedly
i have gastritis

but i dont think so
Additional Details
but i have always(well not always but frequently) drink coffee
n just recently
my stomach hurts
so i just try to drink less
like once a week
or sometimes once a month
n my stomach still hurts

n if it helps im 14

coffee contains alot of acid, that is what is causing your discomfort, would stop drinking it if I were you.

Some people are just more sensitive to coffee than others, and it'll sometimes give you gas. It does the same for me, but I switched to a new brand of Folgers that's supposed to be for sensitive stomachs and I can now drink coffee again!

It's normal. It's good for digestion. It speeds up your matabilism, and naturally if you get juiced up it will make you have that anxious feeling which makes your stomach hurt..

Can't say it's not the chile also.. :)

Christian B
Your mother is correct. Either do what she says or suffer. Peace out.

Honestly, I don't know why. But i also get a tummy ache after I drink coffee, so if you figure out why that is lemme know :D

Grey Cat
Coffee does that to me too. It could be affecting your bowls and making them move faster. I would suggest not drinking coffee if it makes you feel like that.

Is that "coffee" or "coughing"?

Fo Sho!
Coffee is a diuretic. It causes stomach cramps and, for lack of a better term, your bowels to loosen and may even cause dehydration/diarrhea if you drink too much.....with your gastritis, coffee could just irritate your condition even more. I'd back off of it.

There is an acidity that is produced in coffee and it can irritate the stomach lining. Make sure you drink it after water or food.

Demontre P
Caffeine has acidic properties that plays numbers on the lining of your stomach. thats why coffee stains.

john n
strong coffee has that effect on a lot of people including me. its the caffine i would guess that effects us. try switching to decafe and see if it helps. if not lay off coffee for a while.

It depends on how you drink your coffee. If you use a lot of creamer/milk then you could be developing a dairy allergy, or you might be lactose intolerant and not have known it before since it can develop over time and doesn't always appear at birth. If you use artificial sweeteners, be careful of how much you use or switch to real sugar. It has been proven that NutraSweet creates carcinogens in your body during digestion when heated in baked goods and hot beverages, etc.

Additionally you could just have a instestinal virus, etc.

Tommy Menudo
That's called Gutrot. Everyone gets it. Something with the caffeine if you don't have enough food in your stomach it hurts.

You're not specific about "how" your stomach hurts, but the caffeine in the coffee acts as a diuretic which might have something to do with it. If you find yourself running to the bathroom after having a cup, you may want to cut back.

i guess its not for your stomach... for example ppl who are lactose intolerant

Kanesha J
Its probably because you drank it on a empty stomach

Just know that it's a sign to leave it alone and a warning that something is not right.

You're making it too strong? Try adding more cream/milk to it.

Could be a sensitivity to caffeine could be an ulcer,or other digestive thing coffee is hard on the stomach,go see your doctor.


Sometimes, when our system is not use to what we eat, we get tummy ache, it will stop if our body starts to get use to it.

It could be milk, fruits, anything with high acid or caffein contents in it.

But, also, sometimes it is the way our system or body is telling us that something is wrong with us.

Coffee sometimes help detect ulcer. If you know that you can't have ulcer then this should not worry you.

To have ulcer - you must not been eating on time and you must have not been eating at all most of the time even a little tiny food, you don't feed yourself right.

If you don't do that, then, don't worry a lot. But, if you have tummy ache with coffee, don't drink it.

Milk is also another way to detect ulcer in the intestine - try drinking warm milk when your tummy is empty, if you get tummy ache that really hurts, and doesn't go away, go the the doctor and have a check up.

Probably cause it upsets your stomach!! Gotta take a S#@%

Coffee is very acidic, and it does upset a lot of people's stomachs. You might try Yuban brand, as it is supposed to contain less acid. The acid in coffee is not the same as caffeine, but you might even try decaf and see if that helps. Also, if you eat something with the coffee, maybe it won't bother you as much. Unless the doctor has diagnosed you with gastritis, I wouldn't jump to any conclusions about that. And even though chili is spicy, that wouldn't necessarily be the cause of your problem. However, you might want to check with your doctor if your stomach aches continue.

maybe you have an illness that makes you feel ill cos of the caffine inside coffee and i dont drink coffee much but caffine can sometimes make you unwell

I suppose your system does not accept coffee. Perhaps you should refrain from coffee and see it other drinks also causes you pain. If it does, better go to the doctor right away.

How old are you? If your young your body probably doesn't like coffey.

Temperance in flight
It could be several different things so it is hard to say. If it happens a lot maybe think of talking to your G.P about it.

If it is happening a lot when you drink coffee then it could be a mild intolerance to caffeine

too much acid. try a Tums.

Some times if you drink to fast you can feel sick. cuz some times that happens to me.

Colonel Obvious AM
If you are talking about a latte than you may be lactose sensitive like me. You should switch to soy. If you are talking about straight coffee than you may just have a sensitive stomach that is reacting poorly to the acid in the coffee. If you get sour stomach a lot than it may be a sign that an ulcer is on the rise. Beware the ulcer... mwahahahaha.

Go Bears!
Coffee is very acidic and gives a lot of people stomach aches.

cowboy in scrubs
Any stomach problems should be see by a doctor.

It could just be that you are sensitive to the acids or oils in coffee. I can't drink cheap coffees or I get sick. Starbuck's coffee sits real well on my stomach.

You could try different brands or low acid coffee.

You may have stress related gastroenteritis, parasites, ulcers, or any other stomach illness that a doctor should look at. Before just saying it's the coffee, I would get checked out at your doctors.

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