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 Somebody coughed over me today !! should I visit my mum in hospital ?
some horrible person coughed over me, they have a bad cold.

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 What could be wrong? I'm really not feeling quite right.?
I'm dizzy, and have a touch of a sore throat. I don't have any ear-infection or cold symptoms, but this dizziness has been going on for a few days now. I'm also incredibly tired all ...

 I have heard that if you get "head" with a Halls cough drop than you feel a certain tingle. Is this true?
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Why do you feel so tired when you have a bad cold?
i have a really bad cold and everytime i try to get up to do even the slightest physical activity i feel drained and have to go back to bed. Why?

It is because your body is using alot of energy to fight off the cold.

Thats why it is always insisted that you stay in bed when you have the cold or flu.

Probably our immune system is very busy working how to combat virus inside our body.

Its your bodies way of telling you to rest while it recovers from the cold virus

Its becouse your immune systym is down. Your body is telling you to go back and rest so your antibodies have enough strength to multiply and take on the virus/ bug while you are healing when you sleep, thats why when you have a cold its best to sleep: your body heals and recovers, and you feel much better and fresh after waking up.

TWO main reasons
you don't sleep very well ,
when you are all bunged up with a cold

your body is using,
a huge amount of energy fighting the infection

Poor you :(
Rest, keep warm and drink lots of fluids !!!!
I hope you will soon feel better .


If you are still feeling like this,
after a few days
see your Doctor

Your imune system isnt working as it should

mother sensible
Your immune system is 'stretched' and it is time to rest. Rest is the biggest cure for a cold. Do so and you will better much quicker. Are you listening to mama? Get well soon sweetheart.

because your immune system is down.
get u some airborne or airshield to build it back up.
beat your chest lightly like tarzan to help u get well quick

weak immune system at this time.

Humans are like pc`s, when it comes to diseases like this one. When a pc have a virus, the operating sistem slows down becouse of RAM ineficiency. To disinfect youreself, use liquids, vitamins, and alot of heat. that is my removal tools for you.

Your body is putting all its effort into making sure you get better ASAP! This happens with any type of illness, you always feel crap. You might have flu though, do you feel dizzy at all or have any muscle pains or weakness? Whatever it is, bed rest and lots of fluids are great. Vitamin B & C help a lot, if you have a fever ibuprofen (if you're not asthmatic or have stomach problems) or paracetamol are good. If it lasts for what seems like a strangely long time and you're not improving then go see a doctor but in all likelihood it's just one of those things that'll improve soon enough!
Also if you're open to herbal remedies Echinacea liquid is fab for getting the immune system back on track. When I take it, is usually cuts my suffering time in half! (Tastes gross though..)

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