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Selva Meena
Why do mosquitoes bite at night time only?

larry n
cuz they hide during the day

some places they don't hide during the day, such as near streams when it's cloudy


bcozz they are nocturnal

Aedes aegypti (one of the species of Mosquito) bites during day time causing yellow fever, dengue fever and chikungunya.
Although it may feed at any time, the mosquito's periods of peak biting activity are few hours after dawn and in the late afternoon until a few hours after dark.
Please see the webpage for more details on Mosquito.

Just Screw it!
because mosquitoes like the dark. thats why if you wear lighter colors during the night and hot parts of the day you wont be as likely to be bit. thats always why farmers paint the base of a tree white, to keep the mosquitoes away.

You are in wrong perception
Its no tlike that mosquitoes bite at night time only
depending on the type of mosquitoes family they can bite at night and even in mornings

For example mosquitoes which causes malaria and phileria bites at night times

There are some mosquitoes are there called tiger mosquitoes they used to bite in the morning times and it causes dangerous chicken guniya fever

Because that's when you don't see or notice them.

no there are day ones to u not only bite but fight.........example my neighbor

shut off the lights in the day time and c what happens

I've been bitten by them during the day cause my blood is so sweet! At least that's my theory.

since when we see mosquitoes in day we will hit it so while we are in sleep at night the sorrounding will be dark & at that time they come & bite if we come know also it can escape easily since they too are black in color .so they bite at night time only

uh... they dont, mosquitos jst dont like heat, so they tend to stay in the shade.

Bullz_ eye
mosquitoes do not only bite at night, they sleep in the grass at night I heard this thing on the radio that you can kill them by spraying you're grass at night with a fertilizer to kill them because they sleep in the grass or in moist places.

Only the female mosquito bites. At night when the air is still, she can sense the heat and the carbon dioxide emanating from her favorite food, sleeping warm-blooded mammals. She needs a blood meal in order to produce offspring. During the day with air breezes and people walking and moving around, she cannot track her food source, a moving target. At night when most warm blooded creatures are still and sleeping, this makes an easy target to land and feed.

The don't?

usually mosquitos attacks in groups composed of 5 mosquitos each.
Four of them lift he 4 corners of the sheet allowing the fifth one to attack you easily.
they usually take turn in that so everybody get satisfied.
they can not do that during the day because you are not covered with a sheet meaning they can not work in group.

Naresh C
Anopheles mosquitoes enter the house between 5 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. and again in early hours of morning. They start biting by late evening and the peak of biting activity is at midnight and early hours of morning. By keeping the windows and doors closed between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. and again in early morning, one can prevent the entry of these mosquitoes into the house. Also protect yourself against the bites in the evenings and early mornings by wearing garments that cover the body as much as possible and at bedtime, by using mosquito nets without fail.

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