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Why do i pass blood when i have a bowel movement?
lots of very bright red blood

John B
my uncle had the exact same problem and he just got the manual done, and died

If your poo is too dry, it can rupture blood vessels in your sphincter. Also you could have a polyp internally. Or as above hemarrhoids.... go to your GP to have it checked.

This isn't normal. If it persists and you can't correct what I suspect are hemorrhoids with an over the counter product, consult your doctor.

If it is red blood it is probably localized like hemorrhoids. If the blood is brown than get to a Doctor ASAP.

*~STEVIE~* *~B~*
Sounds like piles.

If there is a lot of blood you need to see your doctor, definitely. It is likely to be piles or a tear somewhere internally but could be something more severe. It's reassuring that the blood is bright red though - make an appointment and se eyour GP or even call NHS direct if you prefer.

El Cid
It's probably caused by piles and a ruptured blood vessel. See your GP who will examine you. If she/he confirms piles, you will be able to see a specialist who will either fit a rubber band to tie it, or more commonly, inject a sclerosant containing phenol to shrink it. For some types of haemorrhoids, or if other treatments have failed, an operation called a haemorrhoidectomy might be recommended. In this operation, the haemorrhoids are surgically removed. The first 2 procedure will normally take minutes. Don't be embarrassed - it's more common than you think.

housewife hannah
I think you should definately go to your doctor, yahoo answers is only a guide, we are not medically trained (well im not) and don't take anything you read on the internet as certain.

Go to your doctor.

Could be piles or a colonic polyp, or other problems. Consult your doctor.

Dr Frank
Hopefully simply from bleeding piles. However all patients with rectal bleeding need to be fully investigated to exclude serious causes.

Always Camera Ready
I don't know why people ask questions like this here...only one person would know the answer to this and that's the doctor....so instead of wasting your time asking people who really don't know you should be at the doctors trying to get this problem under control.

Possibly eColi??? See your Doctor... NOW. I had it when I was a kid. Also coould be ulcerative colitis. Or 1 of many different things.

hopefully this is something just as simple as piles
going by your username you are obviously a mum
i have been suffering for years in this way since i had my daughter
although easier said than done get it checked out just incase best of luck to you

you might be constipated and straining trying to pass the bowel, or you might have torn some tissue while trying to pass it. you might want to go and see a doctor.

no idea it dont sound good though
you should see a doctor

Made Compassionately
wow, well you could have hemorrhoids. hemorrhoids are swollen veins of the rectum and anus. some of the symptoms are itching, bleeding, swelling and other irritation. you may want to check with your doctor though

Fader's Girl


it could be very a little problem
or it could be a big problem
only a docter could tell u
visit ur gp asap

this is really serious, it could be an indication of a number of things including colon cancer. go to your doctor straight away! i hope you're alright.

bridget c
Any blood in the stools should be investigated by a doctor asap.it could be something simple, but you must get it checked out, to be on the safe side.

While this could be something as simple as severe hemorroids, it could also be very, very serious. Don't waste time trying to figure it out yourself. GET TO THE DOCTOR NOW. Sometimes, getting treatment quickly can make all the difference in the world. Go.

London Girl
Could be hemorrhoids. Check with your GP

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