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Why do i fart a lot? every 30 minutes.its annoying?

I too had this problem for nearly 4 yrs. Check out for stomach ulcers. Your diet also please. Also avoid the convulsion to fart. Believe me. Now I fart only during sleep..just noise like the e'quake in 1906 in the west coast of USA..says my dear wife.

Because you've full of air in your stomach, maybe u sleep without shirt...maye u put urself infront of the fan...

Try adjusting the bacterial flora which is populating your large bowel. Lactobacillus acidophilus & analogues acquired from a refigerated source (Usually a Health Food Outlet), taken in capsule form daily should help.

your not eating properly...probably you love junk food

What have you been eating? Some foods are gassier than others.

Guess you eat to many bananas a day. 2 of them is 2 2 much

stop drinking Cola, fruit juices which has sugar, eat more fibers, drink more water,don't eat beans especially at nights, eat less pop corn


It's actually pretty normal to pass gas anywhere from 15 to 30 times a day, however, certain foods produce more gas then others, and if you eat a lot of meat then your gas will have a stronger odor.

If it's a serious problem for you, then talk to a doctor.

change your diet

u fart alot becoz of consumption of eggs..or cauliflower.....go easy on non veg stuff..will release u of dis problemm...

and anyways...after every fart...the bad gas in ur body..leaves..so its techinically kinda gud for ur body....
he he..!!.....hope i helped

And they say We Have a Gas Shortage.

You stomach is full of gas. Please see a doctor. He will recommend to you the medicine. You can overcome the problem quickly.


Chew a digene tablet once a day.

just do some excersize,

I am not sure. Maybe because of what you eat. Try taking beano. It should help the problem.

Sheik Yerboutti
What did you eat last night?

Onions? Beans? Check your eating habbits, they are most likely the trigger!

put down the tacos homie & eat green salads & not no fiesta salad...& if you still have gas maybe u can work with GM, Ford & Chrysler & save us money on new vehicles that run on methane provided by you at 2 cents a gallon...

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