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 How can I get off heroin without methadone?
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 I have trouble swallowing?
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 What do you eat to avoid constipation?

Captain Charisma
Why do Cigarettes make me feel sick?
I used to smoke for 2 years, I quit earlier in 07, every once in a while I'll smoke one and it makes me feel sick. Why? It never did that to me before.

$mart $pender
It makes you feel like that because it's bad for your health.

Because cigarettes are bad for your health and you should stop, before you get lung cancer and die.

because they're poisoning you and your body is telling you to stop smoking.

sakura sunshine
becase cigrattes dmages your lungs and your heart and that cna make you very sick

because you quit. your stomach is not used to it and it doesn't like it.

because they kill

all the more reason not to smoke them.

Cheyenne :-)
Uh... hello, smoking is bad fur u!duh

Cheyenne :D

Because your body is just recovering from not smoking, now your body is like "oh no, not this again"
Please, do yourself a favor and stop :)

smoking BAD for you, duh... (srry)

Beer Advocate
After quitting you'll have a heigtened sense of taste for smoke.

lost sea shell
i hate smokin and smokers but when i was young i did try it and it gave me a REALLY bad stomach ache!
Its mainly because your not use to all the toxic waste going into your healthy body and its realy bad so the stomach ache is a way for your body to tell you to stop!

before your system was use to them .After quitting you became healthier and now your immune system is saying what the hell is this?

Because they're cigarettes.
But yeah you quit you're body got off them so don't go back to them! LIVE!

because their very bad for your health, and your bodies telling you to stop smoking

Jacqueline S
because they are unhealthy!

cuz there killing u

because the tar is coating your lungs

you might be pregnant

Because, smoking is bad for you. The nicotine sticks to your lungs, which eventually turns your lungs black. And all the chemicals and smoke and nicotine in the cigarette, is seriously not good for you. =)

You're alergic to them.
Throw them away, fool

Listen to your body!! not to the cigarette...
Your body's had enough of butts.. (cigarettes of course! lol), be fair and listen to what your body's telling you.
It gives you messages - like when to stop eating, when u need to pee and WHEN u need to KICK THE BUTT!.. as in quit it.. for good!
Good luck pal, -hope u replace ur need of smoking by sumthin better - like chewing gum etc

Logical explanation: The decigarittization must have been a hard process for you and your body, and being almost a couple of months not doing it, the body was in the "Self Healing Process" and if its still not been a long time into it, its going to hurt you real bad, and the good that you have done to your system in the past will not only get undone, but will damage it even more!!
So .. plz divert your attention to something other than cigarettes and quit for good!

maybe the nicotin is too strong for you now since you havent smoke in a while, or your lung can not torelate that smoke. But either way if you feel sick smoking why continue?

because your body isn't used to it since you haven't smoked in a while

Chuck T
God is telling you that you will die if you continue...

because it makes you sick. you should not smoke, quit

because theyre bad for you!! stop it!!

Lugman A
if it is your first time that you tried it it is probily or you got a hedach and keep on smokeing

i dont smoke and will never will. but im thinking its cause your body was so used to not haven them that when ever you have one you will get sick. i know this has nothing to do with cigarettes but i used to eat lots of pixie sticks and i finally made myself stop eating them and now every time i have one i get a really head ache. lol! hope that helps!

because cigarettes are bad for you.


Jessica Marie
probably because you are not used to smoking them

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