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 I have an involuntary twitch in my eyelid.?
I have had this for about a year; more recently, the twitch seems to close my eye halfway. I'm sure people think, "is she winking at me??" It is a constant; stops for a few mins, ...

 Will cocaine show on drug test?

 Why do people really go bald?
Hint: it's not hereditary....

 How do i stop diarreah FAST ASAP?
I HAD IT SEVERE ON TUESDAY, IT SLOWED DOWN wed, thu, fri, sat, just a few times a day with mild cramps, but now its hit me again! though not severe- but 4 times in the last few hours
why didnt ...

 What is the best way to cure a UTI without medications.?

 Difficult peeing?
i go to public places and i can't pee im 24 it it possible i could be a englarged prostate
Additional Details

 Is this is bad sign?
I been eating a lot of fast food lately such as mcdonalds and wendys and kfc etc.

After I finish eating it, sometime from 5 minutes to 10 hours i get this really weird feeling in my vein, ...

 What condition does this man have? How does it happen and why? Is it treatable?
I read about him in Bizarre magazine. I feel bad asking all about him when he probably just wants to be left in peace, but I am curious all the same.

Here's a link: http://www....

 Is this normal??
Ok--about a week ago I had really bad pain in my left kidney. It went away in a couple of days. Now- I feel like I definitely have a bladder infection or UTI. I am running fever and feel totally ...

 Do you think people should be aloud to smoke in public places??
second ahnd smoke is one of the worst things our generation is suffuring from. so do you think we should let people walk around smoking any more?...

 Fibromyalgia pain management?
Hello. My mother has fibromyalgia and is in constant pain on a daily basis. She has tried Zoloft which worked for about a year, and then stopped. Amitriptyline helped her sleep but gave her a ...

 Whats the best remedy?
for burns................ my son has burnt his fingers from a battery exploding...... have put cream on, but he says there still stinging.........any other suggestions?...

 What kind of sickness do you have to suffer to take naproxen sodium?

 What are hardened arteries?

 Should I have a baby and go on dialysis?
My kidneys are very low functioning, and i have been strongly advised by my ob gyn and my nephrologist not to get pregnant because i will have a really hard pregnancy and end up with kidney failure. ...

 Soo i have pink eye...?
ok so i found out i have pink eye i have prescription eye drops the doctor gave me and all that stuff but how can i make it feel betteR?...

 My 10 year old daughter's right eyelid is swollen no pain just itchy,it is the 2nd day . any answers?

 Is it wrong to be only 17 and an alcoholic?
What should i do? i cant go one day without a drink or i suffer from withdrawls. and rehab didnt seem to help....

 If a person is highly strung what does that mean?
If you are said to be highly strung is this a bad thing?...

 Serious answers please?
Just found out i mite have to get a kidney removed due to problems, has anyone had the operation for this? just looked into it and getting a bit freaked out! Thanks
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what's up
Why are there so many diseases and disorders in the world?
Just when you see a particular disease and think it could not possibly get any worse, there's always another one which is twice as worse

Fleur de Lis
I have alwaye believed the Earth is trying to find ways to cleanse itself. We have become so over populated and we are ruining the Enviroment. I don't want anyone to dye, or I don't want any horrible disease, but I believe that.

Joey j.
because every day imegrents that hate the usa and other countries are trying to take over that country using biological war fare and slowly it will end the world as we know it

there are so many because it there wasnt them the world will be unblanced you nedd to have good things and bad that is just the way it is

There probably isn't any more of anything about that wasn't there before, it's just that things are more reported and sensationalised. It's like autism, the figures go up because diagnosis is getting better and everyone blames the MMR. Like bird flu, there has probably always been a small risk but because it makes a top headline, out come the scaremongers and before you know it everyone is hysterical.

its a big place the world. also as we are such complex organisms there is a lot that can go wrong.

Because nature is constantly trying to reassert balance. We are always finding cures that allow the population to continue to grow, so nature finds new ways to keep the population in check.

Um, gee, that's a good question, why don't you ask God.

There are more ways for things to be broken than there are for them to work perfectly.

It's in the foods we eat.

Peter D
well just think of how much money is made from medication!!! its a disgrace, there is a theory that for every disease on the planet there is a plant or herb to cure it but at the rate we are cutting down the rain forest there is no chance of finding them as they havent all been discovered yet, ive just been diagnosed with IBS and its ruined my life so far, i find it incredible that a disorder that effects 1 in every five in the west does not have a cure??? but then think of the money made on medication form all those people, also why doesnt anyone suffer from it apart from the west, ingredients in food????

I see your point and I agree but what I want to know is how do they come up with the names.You can hurt your big toe and end up with toehurtoliosis.Then you are given medicine to cure things but the side effects are even worse then what the person has.I have heart failure,why is it not heart broken or heart can't be fixed.You are right about that there are so many in this world.

perhaps they were here all along and that they are surfacing or have been dormant for many years. people are the best at spreading them. germs and bacteria multiply millions of times an hour and they evolve to their surroundings in order to survive.

Because diseases frequently have more than one name.

Microbes are excellent at using the macroscopic creatures of this planet to breed.

Sister Margaret
I have tooth disease. Where are my dentures?

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