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Why are my feet and legs swelling so much very painful hard to walk?

call your Doctor, swelling in the legs can be a sign of heart problems.

Without more information everyone is just geussing. See a doctor soon. Is there a history of diabetes in your family? These symptoms can come from diabetes, but can take doctors time to diagnose. My cousin went to doctors for 6 months before they were able to get him regulated. His pain in his legs was from neuropathy.

OMG! CALL 911!

Not knowing anything about you it could be a number of things. Might be high blood pressure could be to much salt in your diet. Also it could be congestive heart failure. You need to see a Dr and limit your salt and sodium intake and elevate your feet when your off of them. I'm a nurse and have been for over 16 years.

you could be retaining water and have high blood pressure. See a doctor immediately. You could also be pregnant

The Oliver

I had 22 characters to work with
Maybe you don't drink enough water.
Another reason could be because your shoes aren't comfortable.

Go to your Doctor and have them check your heart for congestive heart failure. Swelling is a sign of that too.

there are many reasons for edema are swelling in legs and feet I don't know your medical history but I personally have had gout lots of swelling and extremely painful but is curable with meds but definitely do seek medical attention could be something more serious anything ranging from congestive heart failure and more have you been to any foreign countries recently? Do they itch also as well as hurt or burn are they discolored and how much swelling is there exactly have you tried putting your feet higher than your heart do your legs seem really heavy when you walk are you Diabetic?If your Diabetic like me seek help soon you do not want to lose your legs.........I'm sorry you are in pain if you cannot drive and do not have anyone who can take you to the Dr call an ambulance and go to the ER better to be safe than sorry I didn't mean to barrage you with so many questions while your in pain but a little more info could help to better answer the question one more thing how long has this been going on and do you take aspirin?

well usually with swelling in the legs and feet that is a sign of possible heart disease. If the heart is not circulation correctly and pumping the blood fluid tends to cause swelling in the feet and ankles. I would go see a doctor, the swelling is called edema. Another way to check if it is cardiac how is you breathing and lungs sound. Maybe ask you doctor for a water pill, lower your intake of sodium too, that makes your body retain water. It can't be a blood clot if this is happening in both legs.

maybe too much salt. Could be heart problems, see a doctor soon.

Could be because of poor circulation from lack of mobility and exercise or could be because of the pressure from weight built up on ankles, and knees.

It is caused by abnormal buildup of liquid in your feet and legs. The name of the condition is peripheral edema. It can occur in old age. It might be a sign of a heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, blood clot or leg infection.

I had a leg infection through cellulitis on Christmas Eve. I went to the emergency section of the nearest hospital and spent the next two and a half weeks there and five weeks off work. My strong recommendation is that you see a doctor as soon as possible.

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