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Jonas Brothers Are Burnin Up
Where are your intestines? Are they in your stomach?
I have heard of them a million times and I never even knew where they were in your body. Nurses, you think you can help me out on this one? I just want to know exactly in your body where it is. You don't have to be a specific as possiple. You just have to say where they are like I am a eight year old because I am not a nurse. Just say something like "They are in your stomach." And a few details like they are to the left or they are in the middle of your spine or something like that.

Joe C
Look it up in anatomy pictures.

ohh its heerr
they are kind of underneath your belly button. but, they are actually closer to your lower back; farther back into your body.

afiya f
the intestines are by the abdominal area. the stomach is like a pouch inside your body that helps digest your food. if this isn't, a good explanation, you probably will get one soon.

Generally they're in the area most people refer to as the "stomach". Basically, go down half way between where your ribs end and hip bones begin, and that's where they start. From there your intestines descend down till the rectum and anus.

Hope that helps. ^_^

My son is four.... he can tell you where the large and small intestines are, because his interest in anatomy is impressive- for his age. The small intestine is attached to the stomach and then becomes the large intestine. When you look at it as a picture- you can see the small intestine all coiled up and the large intestine is like the frame. I don't know how else to explain it to you. Your stomach is below your lungs, and the intestines are located right below the stomach, because it's connected to it. The stomach and your intestines are in your belly.
You can buy a giant anatomy book at Costco for under 20 bucks.

there are many diagrams of the human body check them out for correct information
the intestines are connected to the stomach and are the road of digestion.and bring the waste out

Your intestines are like a squiggly long tube that are spread from left to right in your tummy, about 32foot long in total! - a very long tube indeed! Your food is processed in your stomach under your ribcage and from there your food passes through various processors just like a factory as you would find for example, milk products, which give you energy and stamina to survive and what is not needed is excreted by the end of the tube via your rectum, such as "waste products"

Hippies hop to hippie music =D
All I know is that intestines are in your stomach. I think they are just below the lungs and if you untavel it, it will stretch for miles. Surprising, huh?My mom is a nurse, so she knows all about this. If you go to the Body Worlds 2 exibit at the Science Museum they give you information about the parts in your body.BEWARE!! There are real bodies in there and are so disgusting. They show every little detail in the bodies.

Merry Christmas!!!!

If you take your lil fingers and feel along the middle of your chest. You will feel where the end of your chest which holds the ribs will feel like a V.
Your/our intestines are located between the bottom of the chest and the top of your waist.
That section is called the ab-doe-men(abdomen). Your stomach is also in there at the top. So if you say your belly hurts it could be anything where your intestines are. It may not be your stomach.
Good question and hope my answer is simple and direct enough.

Lady of the Garden
No, they are not in your stomach. Beneath your stomach is your liver and under that is your intestines. I know, cause even though I'm not a nurse, my mom is and I plan on being a doctor.

They link your stomach to your a55hole and are curled up filling the area below your ribs.

they are in your lower abdomen, like under you belly button.

under your stomach, think of them as a coil of rope connecting your stomach to your rectum they are in front of your spine , not behind it.

Your stomach is the gateway of the intestinal tract,..part of the alimentary canal,..after the stomach the small intestines lead to the large intestines. e-mail me and I will draw you a picture.

at the end of the intestines is the rctum and the anus.

What is the Intestine?

The intestine is the portion of the digestive tract between the stomach and the anus. It is divided into two major sections: small intestine and large intestine.

The small intestine is about 6 meters (20 feet) long. It is coiled in the center of the abdominal cavity. The small intestine is divided into 3 sections: upper, jejunum, and ileum. The lining of the small intestine secretes a hormone called secretin, which stimulates the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes.

The large intestine has a larger width but is only 1.5 meters (5 feet) long. The large intestine is divided into 6 parts: cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, and rectum.

What is its major function?

The small and large intestines perform different functions. The small intestine is where the most extensive part of digestion occurs. Most food products are absorbed in the small intestine. The large intestine is responsible for absorption of water and excretion of solid waste material. Food and waste material are moved along the length of the intestine by rhythmic contractions of intestinal muscles; these contractions are called peristaltic movements. Waste is solid because most of the water has been removed by the intestines as it travels through them.

If the intestines are not working properly, Crohn's disease, constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or Tapeworms may be present.

Sometimes the intestine can protrude through an abnormal opening in the body and cause a hernia.

Okay, I'm a nurse and I'd be happy to help you. You have 2 main parts to your intestines: the small intestine and the large intestine. And your intestines are NOT in your stomach otherwise you'd digest them, right? Folks, please stop calling the abdomen and abdominal cavity the stomach, okay? The stomach is inside the abdominal cavity along with several other organs. The lower right end of the stomach leads to the small intestine and the small intestine leads to the large intestine. The appendix is found in that junction. The small intestine is kind of like a long tube folded neatly inside the abdominal cavity (abdomen) and is about 20 ft. long and in some men is longer. The large intestine goes up the right side, across the top of the abdomen and down the left side, toward the end it has an "S"-shaped squiggle, then straight down and out and is about 5 ft. long (That adds up to 25 feet, not MILES as one person said). The intestines are in the left, the right and the middle of the abdomen. Your spine is behind them. You should go to one of the anatomy picture websites and see it for yourself.

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