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John P
What will happen if i just hold my breath?
So do i just pass out?
How do i wake back up?
and is it possible that i wont wake back up???

nothing will happen, just dat u will have a next birth

You will lost consciousness and your body function in minutes because of there is no oxygen to feed your brain which inturn is the center of all your body functioning control. If you were standing, you'd then fell down to the ground without even know what was going on.

Miss Marie
i think its impossible for you to hold it until you die..bc without air that would happen...but you could seriously hurt yourself and lose brain matter for sure

you will pass out

you will come to if you don't hit your head
when you fall over or if you somehow fall so you can't breath

yes it is possible you may not wake up

Why do you want to waste your time doing junk like this?

Most likely you will breathe again before you pass out, but IF you hold your breath long enough to pass out, you'll start breathing again as soon as you're unconscious. Your body knows what it needs to do to keep you alive. You'll wake back up as soon as your brain has enough oxygen to function.

it is virtually impossible for a person to hold his/her breath.ask some1 else. u would die...duh!

kyeri y
You pass out. But I doubt you could actually hold your breath that long. And yes, you will eventually regain consciousness.

Maverick ®
You will change into radiant shades of pink, red, blue, violet, but you won't be able to see the effects while unconscious.

If you hold you breath you will eventually pass out, but as long as you are in a safe area and are lying down or sitting you'll be fine. The bodies response as soon as you pass out is to breathe. Breathing is something that is done without thinking about it. So when you pass out and stop thinking about holding your breath you body will restart breathing again. Of course if you so this standing up and fall and hit your head well all bets are off cause if you fall right you could die. But at least it will be from head tramua and not holding your breath.


Rachel U
why would u want to hold your breath that long? are you trying to get high or something? well it won't work lol you'll just get light headed and or pass out....good luck

Princess Me
If you hold it long enough you could get dizzy and possibly pass out. You wake back up because the oxygen is flowing again once you've passed out and your not holding your breath.

Elizabeth M
Let's wait and see...

Just kidding. Passing out causes you to lay down and gets oxygen circulating throughout your body, but you can't just make yourself do it. I guess the temptation and accessibility of breathing is just too tempting. Enjoy.

Truth Seeker
If you hold your breath long enought (that is if you can) you might pass out and suffer brain damage and never wake up. Besides why would you want to do that for? Life is very precious given by the Almighty Lord, we should cherish and treasure it.

Well u would probably want to like breath. and u will pass out. and im pretty sure you can wake up.

If you simply hold your breath, you will pass out.

respiration will not take place.

don' t that is totally retarded.. and dangerous... go watch TV instead...:)

Phoenix Princess of Darkness
If you continue to hold your breath you will pass out. Your involuntary muscular responses will take over and force you to breathe again. Most likely you will "wake up" very shortly after your body shuts you down and regains control.

It is highly unlikely you won't wake back up again, unless you try this exercise under water.

you will not be able to hold your breath after so long your brain tells you to breath and you cant stop your self from breathing if you was is water with a big brick tied to you thn u wouldent be able to stop it no matter what u did

Nick K
Don't try it. Consult your doctor before experimenting with your health. YES it is possible that you won't wake up again!!!

You MIGHT pass out. You wake up when your oxygen level goes back to normal. You wont die because you pass out first and then wake up. You can die if you do this while driving a car, sitting on a ledge of a high rise ,,, you get the idea.

Louie G
You can't kill yourself this way. You'll pass out, and your body will begin breathing again. Repeat this process enough times and you'll drop your IQ by 40 points.

In about 1 week...

you will be 6 feet under.

you will pass out.. why even try it! thats silly

Richard G
If you do pass out...your body will take over and you will breath on your own again......Body's natural instincs

you'll pass out and then breathe automatically. I don't suggest you do it though, as oxygen deprivation can cause permanent damage.

You can't hold your breath to pass out... have someone else do it.
If you hold your own breath long enough, your body will immediatedly react whether you want it or not. All it can happen by doing that is getting weak or dizzy.
If someone could die by simply not breathing, without any other device stopping you from breathing, then we'd all have heard about it already.

Nothing will happen, you would hold your breath for a little while and then your body would MAKE YOU breathe. Breathing is something you can't simply stop doing because you feel like it, it's an involuntary natural function of your body. Even if you were under water and holding your breath, eventually you will open your mouth and your lungs would breathe in water.

I can answer that. I'm a paramedic and know this very well. It doesn't matter how long you hold your breath. Your body is like a computer. It'll reset after you pass out. My wife's little neice will throw a fit and hold her breath till she turns blue. Everyone in the room will freak out and say "aren't you going to do something?" "She's turning blue!" I'll look at them and say so? If and I do mean if she's able to hold her breath till she passes out, she won't be out for very long. She'll start breathing again. It's natural. I've had patients in the ambulance who will panic and hyperventilate. I put oxygen on them and calmly talk to them and explain how they need to breath slow and deep. Typically they don't listen and I'll just let nature take it's course. Syncopal episodes will fix themselves.

if you hold your breath long enough...you will pass out. but once you pass out...your body with regularly function and you will start breathing again. it is possible that you might need medical attention though

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