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What wiil happen if your urine is color pink or red?

taste it, its strawberry flavored.

actually, its blood

probly somthing wrong with your kidneys

depends -did you eat alot of beets or other foods with dye?
do you have back pain or difficulty with urination?
see if doctor if you are concerned.

Ian M
maybe you should get it checked out

If your a male its a kidney stone. You will feel a sharp pain in your stomach shortly after- like you have a stomach ache-. Stop drinking juices and milk and ONLY drink water. I get kidney stones 3 times a month. Becasue my body need magnesium oxide. Although every body is different there is no telling why your body is making stones. Youll will need to see the uroligist and use a strainer for your urine to see if stones come out and get pain killers-- PLEAASEEE. Only things you eat or dont eat causes kidney stones. But yes get it checked out. and if you start to have a stomach ache its kidney stones. SORRY

Phillip V
You might have internal bleeding, menstrating(if your a woman), urinary track infection, or just drank alot of red cool-aid. Drink lots of water and see your doctor, it might be serious.

Pina Colada
it means there is blood in your urine, and that's not a good sign

peachie resurrected
If your having pink or red blood when you pee' you need to get it checked out.i was peeing blood daily for weeks and they found out my intestines are blocked and have to have surgery next month...if it keeps up go see your dr.rite away' and keep a list what day and how much blood came out so you can give it to the doctor,,,,,,,,good luck

....are you on your period?

Bud's Girl
Could be a bladder or kidney infection. UTI's don't usually produce blood. Make an appointment with your doctor for ASAP, and get a urine sample for them while you're there.

You have a problem. Go to the Dr. Do you feel pain when you urinate? It could be a kidney stone. Regardless, it's not good, you will need an antibiotic.

Call a doctor immediately. I can tell the difference between menstrating and bloody pee. This could be a sign of something serious, and you should check just to be safe. You only get one body... treat it well!!!

Uh-uh-uh Present
If your urine is pink or red, that means there is blood in it and you need to go to the doctor right away. That's a sign of an infection.

are you using the bathroom alot to? you probably have a bladder or kidney infection....go see a doctor

Either you're taking a medication with a urine discoloration side effect, or there is blood in your urine. If you're not on any medications, I'd suggest seeing your doctor as soon as possible, as blood can be indicative of a kidney or bladder problem.

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