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What is turrets syndrome??
everything about turrets syndrome

its funny

its when people yell out random things.....pretty much. its very funny, well unless you have it. but to watch sum1 wiht it is funny

im no doctor, but the jist of it is blurting out obscene words at the most inoportune times.

Go to Google and type in Tourette Syndrome
and you'll discover a plethora of info on the subject

poo hed
look it up on google....it will spell check it for you too!

A simple google search will net far better results. But in a nut shell, it is baisaicly a loss of self controll in one aspect or another.......maybe a twitch, or verbal outburst.


Kris L
Tourette's syndrome is a sort of 'malfunction of the brain' where people can't 'stop themselves' from making 'outbursts' that can be anything from 'animal-like noises' to 'swearing a blue streak' ... these people are thought of as being 'retarded' (of low intelligence' because they can't 'help themselves,' but are otherwise as intelligent as the rest of us. Unfortunately, Tourette's can also be present when the person has other, far more 'serious' medical issues, and because of this 'speech problem' they find it difficult to get help for their other problems, because of the mistaken 'retardedness' and because most people are extremely 'embarrassed' by associating with someone who 'swears loudly' at 'odd times' and in odd places. Just by being a friend to someone with Tourettes, though, you can be 'helping' them, because the more 'comfortable' they are, the less they 'need' to shout and swear' ... less stress, less Tourette's symptoms.

it's a condition where people can't stop swearing

Tourette's Disorder is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary body movements and vocal outbursts

If you want to know everthing about it, then do a search in Google.

Robert B
Tourette's disorder is a neurological (brain) condition that usually begins in childhood. It causes a child to make sounds or words (vocal tics) and body movements (motor tics) that are beyond his or her control. Tourette's disorder (TD) is also known as Tourette's syndrome and Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. However, not all tics are TD. Your child may have tics and not develop TD.

Motor tics usually begin between ages 3 and 8. Vocal tics can begin as early as age 3, but they usually develop a few years after motor tics. Tics generally are at their worst at age 12. In most children, tics go away or decrease quite a bit in the teen years. But tics can continue into adulthood.

The effect tics have on children varies. Some children have mild tics that have a small impact on their lives. But even mild or infrequent tics may affect your child's self-esteem and relationships with friends and family. Severe and frequent tics may require treatment, including medicine and counseling. Although a child's tics may seem minor, they may interfere with the child's ability to learn and can cause embarrassment.

Tourette's Syndrome causes violent muscle contortions (motor tics) and vocal disruptions (vocal tics) combined with outburst of swearing and obscenities. Most people don't understand that people with this disorder have no neuro-muscular control over the problem...although there are meds to slow it down.

Street Ryda
Tourettes syndrome is a disease of the brain that is accompained by facial twitches and random outbursts of random, and sometimes innapropriate language, which cannot be controlled. I have given you a fairly vague answer, so i will give you a link to a very detailed site which will help you 100%. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourettes_syndrome

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