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 New to these conditions, ailments... what are they and what can I do??
Insomnia, rapid loss of weight, rapid tooth decay, blisters in mouth and throat, frequent sinus infections... please don't tell me to see a doctor- I've already thought of that one!!!...

 What would happen if i swallowed a oval shaped marble?
i swallowed it .its in my stomach
Additional Details
even tho i dont have abdominal pains why would the marble cause ...

 Serious Emergency!!!!?
Whenever i sit down for a little bit, like 10 mins, and then i stand up fast i get extremly dizzy. I get so dizzy that i kinda 'zone out' where i can't here see nothing for a couple of ...

 What causes hiccups and how do you get rid of them?
I have the hiccups right now and they are so annoying! What are "hiccups" and how do you get rid of them? Please... :)...

 Why does dehydration cause vomiting?
I've been wondering why dehydration CAUSES vomiting. I know that vomiting can LEAD to dehydration, but I cannot find out why you would vomit due to dehydration, or if you are already dehydrated;...

 Why do I get dizzy so often?

 How do you know if you have worms in your stomach?

 I have had sinus infection and an incredible pain in my head for 5 days now.?
I am 6 months pregnant so my painkilling options are limited. The dr prescribed me antibiotics (amoxicillin). I have been taking them 1 1/2 days, and there is no improvement so far. I still want to ...

 Im lightheaded and im going crazy and always thinking im dying i just dont know anymore?
Ive been to 4 doctors 2 times my family doctor im seeing a physicist on july 4 i had a paps physicals and blood and a neurological test done two times got a A+ all my doctors say i have anxiety but ...

 Blood in feces?
I have blood in my feces. Its bright red and there is no pain. Nothing else is wrong with me. I'm really scared. Please help!
Additional Details
There is no pain at all. I just went ...

 What's the difference between Alzeimers and Dementia?

Additional Details
Why is Alzheimers ...

 What does this mean? Will I go Blind?
Whenever I stand up after I've been lying down for a long time (like in the morning) my vision goes blank for a few seconds. This has been happening for as long as I can remember and never ...

 I Need big help with Head Lice!!!?
I just got a notice that my 4 year old daughter has head lice?? What are the best and fastest ways to get rid of it?? I don't want her to miss too much school because she loves it and it would ...

 What`s a cure for water on the brain ?
I take dizzy spells I`ve been told thar`s what it mey be....

 Why do women like men, anyways?
After all, men are normally selfish, think pervertedly, not to mention the male body is disgusting. So why do women even like men anyways?
Additional Details
I mean, why do women even ...

 While throwing up, coughing up blood???
My boyfriend had a few shots last night, and he doesn't drink at all, so he can't handle alcohol very well. This morning he woke up having to throw up, and while he was throwing up he said ...

 Can there be a chances of getting AIDS from mosquito bite?
if a person get AIDS using used needle than y cant he get AIDS with a mosquito bite....

 How to prevent hard stool??????????
First sorry about the poor english.

Im 21 female.Im suffering with hard stool.Its been with me for several months.I can poop but its so hard.I poop daily but its painfull and after pooping ...

 Lump appearing on lower leg?
i suffer from high blood pressure. earlier a lump appeared on my leg, it was blue and slightly painful. now the lump is not there, but there is a bruise which is painful to the touch. i am worried in ...

 I have been having in my stool for at least a year now off and on.I have no idea what to do?

Made at a Mile-High
What is the name of the disorder where mothers hurt their children on purpose for attention?

Mental rejected moron psychopath condemned to hell beeitch!

In a Pickle
Post-Partum Depression

It called Munchasen Syndrome

Its called Munchausen Syndrome. I hope to god you dont know anyone is doing this to a poor little kid if you do please get the child help.

It is called Munchausen Syndrome.

munchousens is what my husband said to tell you.

munchhausen syndrome by proxy

tell me tell me tell me
It's Munchausen's by Proxy.

Munchhausen is a psychological disorder characterized by the feigning of the symptoms of a disease or injury in order to undergo diagnostic tests, hospitalization, or medical or surgical treatment.

Munchausen's by Proxy is when you do the aformentioned to someone else (usually a child).

It's called "Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome."

I believe it's Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy (Sorry if spelling is wrong)

Secrets of the Night
Munchausen's by Proxy. My mother had that and nearly killed me.

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