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Torisama K
What is the medical term for a person that cuts themselves?

Not too sharp.

Warren W- a Mormon engineer
A do-it-yourself surgeon.

Seamus McGuinness
an emo.

Savannah S
emo,cutter, depressed, or in my opion just plain dumb cuz who would do that they need to get help if they are its really bad.
P.S. y do u need to no

Toilet Finger !
I don't believe that there is one.

The industry term is just "a cutter".

Someone that is obsessed with blood has a sickness known as

himotodiptia (SIK) which evokes vampire like behavior in some people.

There is no true latin or medical term for someone that cuts themself.

Usually these people suffer from borderline personality disporder, bipolar disorder, or depression.

mental issues..... aka emo

hahaha just kidding...there is no word many people cut themselves for various reasons most often they have mental disabilities or maybe going through some sort of trauma

It is called SI (Self-Injury) or SH (Self-Harm). There is no medical term for the person themselves, just the act.


Randy W
DSS (Deliberate Self Harm Syndrome) is the actual diagnosis of people that cut them selves.
Also just refer ed to as Self Mutilation disorder.
The incidence of self-mutilation is highest among teenage females, patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and patients diagnosed with one of the dissociative disorders.

Emilie A
i really dont think theres a medical term. someone with suicidal tendencies perhaps? cinderella complex?

amy T
i agree with answerer number 1!
an emo indeed!

I have seen shrinks refer to them as cutters. Maybe there isn't a technical term.

I think the answer you are looking for is STUPID.

Cherry Coke
It may just link to depression, and possibly suicide attempts. I've found in my research that is can be called "self-mutilation".
Hope this helps. The sites are good also for further research.

I think its "self mutilator"

Self mutalation.

metal pixi
Its techinally depression.
Many cutters are what people lable them, 'emo'.
But they cut because they want to feel something. They claim that they can not feel pain, nor happiness. So they harm themselves to make themselves believe they are expiriencing some sort of feeling.
Some say it makes them feel more 'alive'.
They do this because they are so depressed and desparate that they physically harm themselves to try and feel a little normal.
Its a really sad case. But cutting is one of the stupidest and worst things a depressed person could do to themselves.

I could go on and on, but if you need more info, feel free to email me.

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