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number f
What is the average life span of a 52 year old alcoholic?
if a 52 year old were a recovering alcoholic, how long would they have to live if they had a heart transplant?

51 1/2

they may have a normal life...it depends on the person,,,,,,,,,

Lady J
I would ask the Dr who wants to preform the heart transplant. Your doctor knows your history, that would be the only person that would have an idea. Yahoo answers is just random people answering questions!!!!

You won't get answers from here

this isn't a doctors office

We have no other medical information about them either so its almost impossible to predict

if you want answers go get them from a doctor

until the end of their next fifth if they ever drink again

Unless you're paying for a transplant I can't see it happening, as there would be little point unless you are free from your addiction. As an alcoholic how much of you liver have you destroyed as that rather takes precedence when it comes to transplants.

happy to be alive
No, one can predict Antone's life span we have to just make the most of each day by making happy memories with those that love us. Anyone, past age 52 can die at anytime. There have been some people who clean up & do very well so there is not point of asking this question just wish the best for the person & by sending love I think they helps no matter how long they live.

david k
you mean we live to be 52? oh ****.

thomas p
The answer to your question would be supplied by an actuary. You should factor in gender, smoking history, weight management, and dietary habits during the alcoholic phase of life. Eating properly is an offset against some of the organ damage which may be concentrated to the heart in the case at hand. But a life insurance specialist could supply a better answer than a medical doctor. They have the stats and if give the complete story from the patient should be able give a good ballpark estimate.


im sure they'd be fine. drink plenty of water.

Hard to say, when it's your time it's your time. Some have defied medical science, whereas some have died so expectantly. Living healthy is no guarantee of longevity but it doesn't hurt.

My Brother hit the booze hard and he made it to age 57 allthough he quit drinking two years prior to his death.
He was still working was'nt over weight but he just dropped over with a fateal heart attack as he was reporting to work one morning.
As to the outher part of your question about the heart transplant i dont think that woud help much because of all the damage done to the liver caused by his heavy drinking.
Good luck

sorry, impossible to answer(exactly)

OMG!!! Do your own research! You noe your never going to do good in debate if your asking people on YAHOO!!!!! Just research it it isn't that hard.

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