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What is the average amount some one should urinate?
Please no smart remarks or rude answers.
I have gone to the doctor and he didn't seemed concerned.

I come to work and since I have been here since 8 and it is now a little passed 11:30 I have gone to the bathroom over 4 times. It is embarassing, I told my doctor I go alot and it didn't seem like that big a deal. Is it normal? I feel like people at work look at me strangely cause of this.
Additional Details
I drink one cup of coffee a day! And I haven't drank over six months (booze).

Bottom Contributor
do you drink alot of coffee or any fluid? This will make you go alot more.

If you drink a lot of water...........you should go to the bathroom at leat once an hour.

If you don't drink any water............and go maybe once everycouple of hours, you should start drinking water so your kidneys, and urethra does not develop an infection, and work normally!!

I think that if you are going more often between 5 - 15 minutes then is a bigger concern, specially if you don't drink water and you still have the urge!! Don't pay attention to people at work, worry about yourself and as long as you get your work done they should mind their own freaking business!! By the way, if anyone ever tells you anything have a talk with your boss and report them to HR.....believe it or not it is harrassment and you can also use it a discrimination since it is something you can not help!!!

100% health over idiots!!!

jennifer b
If you are drinking coffee it is a diuretic, making you go more often. Stay away from caffeine and see if that helps. Your urine should be a light color if it starts to look dark, you are dehydrated. I hope that helps.

Rana H
the normal heathly person have urine out put between 1000 liter&1500 depending on his input of fluids , so if you dont have any other symtoms do nt be worry only you need to have checking urine exam &to decrease your fluids esp . those that causes diurises.

Ever get tested for Diabetes?
Its hard to say if that is normal. I pee a lot when I'm home just because I can get up at any time and go. At work I tend to hold it more because the bathroom is very far away.

Hannah Radar
If your doctor is not concerned, it is good to remember that different people have different needs in this area. Those who drink alcohol or too much caffeine need to go much more than those who don't.

If you're passing a lot of urine, then you should be checked for diabetes. Excessive urination is one of the hallmark signs.

If you're feeling the need to go, but you're not going much each time, then you might have an infection in your urinary tract.

If you're peeing a lot more than usual, it's significant enough to seek out a doctor who will listen to you and take you seriously. It might really be "nothing big", but you'll never know until it's checked out. Please seek out a second opinion. In the meantime, keep track of when you go, how much you go, and how much you're drinking. Make it as accurate as possible to help the doctor.

John Paul S
50-70 ml. Maybe the room your staying is cold. Cold temp can induce urination.Or maybe you've drank coffee. Coffee (like tea and beer) are diuretics and also can induce urination. Or maybe you've consumed lots of water.

You should pee about the same amount of fluid as you drink and including any fluids that you consume in your foods. Like fruits, soups, vegetables, OJ, etc.

how much and how often you urinate depends on several things. how much you drink, the capacity of your bladder, and whether or not there is infection present. I assume the doctor checked for infection, so that means it is mostly based, for you, on bladder capacity and how much you drink.
I think also you are hyper aware of your frequency, and would wager that most people in your office not only do not notice but don't give a hoot either. It is quite normal to go to the bathroom at minimum every two hours, more frequently if you have a small bladder.

it depends on how much you drink. It doesn't matter how much you pee out, as long as the amount of water inside your body is constant then you're fine.

If this has just started recently, then you should ask the doctor to check out your bladder. If you've been doing this for a long time, then you could just have a small bladder or something like that.

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