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What is that tinny sound in my ear?
Occasionally, I get this weird tinny sound in my one ear. It drives me nutz. Any ideas? And, if so, what do I do to get rid of it? Usually I put a piece of wadded-up tissue in my ear and it helps.

maybe you have water in your ear?

were you listening to loud music?

Have you had this checked by a specialist, if so and no diagnosis, you might want to consider this. We all have a spirit guide and those who are tuning into the 4th dimension usually hear a chirpy tinny sound. This is always in just one ear. Mine is in my left ear always. If you will meditate and perfect this gift you will usually began to hear a clearer message. The Bible teaches that in the end time God will bring heaven and earth together. The 3rd and 4th dimensions. The only problem with this condition is the fact that the tissue helps. If it is spirit, it is not likely that anything will help because nothing can stop spirit no matter what you put in your ears. If tissue helps this sounds like a medical problem.

Palestinian Queen
Its called tinitus.
Or how ever its spelt.
Go to a ear doctor n get it checked.

I get it very often. I started going to a chiropractor for my back problems. n the noise has gotten alot better.

Lost Poet
Possibly ear drum damage?

Beau R
It could be the beginning of tinnitus. This is part of the aging process, and there is no cure for it as yet. There is however a society that is investigating possible cures.


it might be tinnitus

drink alcohol

you probably listen to music too loud and that makes a constant beeping noise. Just plug your ears with your hands really hard and then it will go away

sounds like you might have a wax ball in your ear.. Or you may have autitory damage/nerve/ I think you might want to go and see an ear nose and throat doc

The Rabbi
You could have tinnitis. I got it recently and there is no cure. Search the internet to find tips on coping. I did go to the ear doctor for an exam. It might be something that can be cured. Keep some 'white noise' ( soft music etc) going

The ear seems top be too sharp to pick up even th emildest of sounds .the world around yu is fiull f noise of some dort or tother.i ha it in both the ears ..I just forget it wheni am concentraiting my mind onsoemthing .It is just like your no hearing somebody while your attention is elsewhere or you aare absorbed in some thing else .

Might be Tinnitus. Check with an ear doctor in case your ear needs to be cleared out. You may have a slight infection inside, and he will give you ear drops to use for a few days.

If you are putting wadded up tissue in your ear, it is probably the little people that live in your head trying to get out!!! Stop putting the tissue in your ear and clean out the wax. Odds are the little people are chipping away at the wax and tissue.......they are tenacious little things......Best wishes......LOL!!

Tinnitus is the disease if you will, it is basically from listening to things really loud. if you check the link there is a whole list of reasons including :
Ear infection
Fluid in the ears
Medications (both Prescription and Non-prescription, notably aspirin and other nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
Aging (Presbycusis)
Ear trauma (such as from the noise of planes, firearms, or loud music)

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