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What is it called when someone always thinks they're sick?

I believe the word you're looking for is "hypochondria". Hope this helps!

hypochondria, and the person is a hypochondriac

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suffer from psychosomatic illness.

i think you are refering to a hypochondriac

lisa m

barbie doll
I don't know the corect spelling but it is this Hypochondriac

They are usually called a "hypocondriac".

Just to add to the above: There's also something related called "Munchausen syndrome," where patients invent wild and elaborate stories about imaginary illnesses or injuries.

Slick Alien

Hypochondria is the most well known term.

Somatization Disorders are where people have unexplained illness or vague physical complaints that appear to be psychogenic (in the mind). Briquet's Syndrome is another name for that.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is where somebody is preoccupied with an imagined flaw in their appearance that other people can't see.

Conversion Disorder is where someone undergoes some type of psychological trauma and has a psychogenic symptom as result. For example, someone saw something that frightened him so much he is struck blind.

Facticious Disorders (or Munchausen's) are where people fake illness for no apparent reason other than to play the sick role. Factitious Disorder or Munchausen's by Proxy is where they fake the symptoms in someone else, usually a child.

Malingering is where someone fakes an illness to obtain some sort of benefit or to get out of work. (This is not considered a true mental illness).

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