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michele t
What happens when you drink visine?

why would you be drinking eye drops?

You weep tears of saline. Its just a saline combination nothing happens. Sprinkle it on your mashed potatoes for good sabor. And no it won't get you high or make you feel good or look cool by drinking it. So don't its pointless and stupid.

sweetness #1
hello michele t,

do NOT drink visine....it will make you very sick to your stomach, like vomiting and diarrhea and stomach cramps.
why would you even ask such a question ????? are you planning on spiking someone's beverage ???? That would be the lowest thing you can do to someone......Good luck

David K
It irritates your stomach, the chemicals found in it are inactive to your digestive system. This is basically like an unknown product found in your body, your body will reject it almost immediatly and you will end up either vomiting or crapping wildly to get it out of your system. And the majority of the time your body will go excessive on that part because it wants to make sure every little bit is out.

as you probably know, even a few drops of visine will cause explosive diarrhea. it is often used as a prank but it can go terribly wrong. in high school, a friend did it to another and he used so much that he did a lot of internal damage- it didn't end up being very funny.

SO, don't drink visine or put it in others' drinks!

What makes you think any of us anwering your question is stupid enough to drink visine? Why in the world would you want to drink it in the first place? Oh I'm supposed to be answering the question and not asking more so here's the answer.....I don't know what happens when you drink visine. I guess you could drink some and then find out......no just kidding, don't drink it.

I called poison control to make sure it's not harmful. Why'd you do it? It won't get you high, silly!

It makes you have to sh** really bad it will upset your stomach and prbley make you vomit< I wouldnt do it if I was you.good luck if you try!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bethe W
Why would you want to?

Francis D
one drop and you really gotta go to the bathroom..Its dangerous also, so I dont suggest you try it...

you get mud butt, also known as swamp @ss or tsunami @ss.

It takes the red out of your mouth and sends it way down to the other end!
Seriously...you get diarrhea!

it goes through your system and comes out the other end

Dry, itchy stomach? There's a Visine for that!
lol, idk.

A bartender once told me that a couple drops of visine in a customer's drink would make the customer very tired and may even pass out. That was his way of dealing with bad clientele. I DO NOT recommend it for two reasons...#1: It may not be safe. #2: I would never slip anything to anybody.

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