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What happens when stomach ulcers burst?
What happens when stomach ulcers burst?

your stomach bleeds and you can die if it's serious and not treated. it's literally a hole in your stomach

Obama's Aliens From Mars
I think your stomach bleeds and you could need surgery.


Yeah, even with treatment you can die. I had 4 ulcers when I was 11 that went untreated for years and that what they were worried about.

Majorly dangerous situation. All of the infection in the ulcer can travel throughout your whole body, and this can be fatal if not treated immediately.
You don't want to mess around with something like that.

Sue J
A stomach ulcer is an open wound. It doesn't burst...but it could eat through the stomach lining...which would require surgery.

you can die!!!!!!!!!!!!

x0x0m0nique x
my causin died cause his stomach ulcer bursted. you bleed to death.

ulcers usually don't burst but peptic ulcers bleed but if you are having problems like this then you need to see a doctor. duoanal ulcers are like a sore but a doctor would know what you are experiencing. make an appointment asap.

it can be very bad and make you very sick and it can kill you if not treated

You usually get blood in your stool or vommiting up blood, its very serious.

Sexy Wife
When an ulcer bursts it will not only be painful but you will need surgery. I suggest that you go to the doctor and they can diagnosis you.

Severe pain... And a trip to the ER:

Wikipedia says the following:

Perforation (a hole in the wall) often leads to catastrophic consequences. Erosion of the gastro-intestinal wall by the ulcer leads to spillage of stomach or intestinal content into abdominal cavity. Perforation at the anterior surface of stomach leads to acute peritonitis, initially chemical and later bacterial peritonitis. Often first sign is sudden intense abdominal pain. Posterior wall perforation leads to pancreatitis; pain in this situation often radiates to back.

If that doesn't make sense: A burst stomach ulcer is very serious, and usually requires surgery... If left untreated it can cause death

josh g
An ulcer means that the surface cells have been lost; causing a break in the stomach lining that steadily deepens. It may burrow into an artery in the wall of the stomach. It can burrow right through the stomach wall to burst into the tummy cavity.

The ulcer may scar up, causing the upper end of the stomach to narrow. This makes swallowing difficult. It can narrow the lower end of the stomach, causing vomiting.

The answer to a stomach ulcer that has burst is Gastrectomy Surgery.

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